Kutztown University Radio

The Radio Voice of Kutztown University

KUR logo over background of audio control board at KUR

KUR's WEBSTREAM LINK: (You can also hear us using the handy "TuneIn," "myTuner," & "Radio Garden" apps, among a few other popular radio streaming apps). Just search for "Kutztown University Radio."

KUR Live Stream. Click here: http://nap.casthost.net:8047/kur64 

If you have any issues with the stream or if you want a higher-quality sound (uses more bandwidth/data), click here: 


or: http://nap.casthost.net:8005/kur256.m3u

Interested in applying to Kutztown University? 

If you're already a current or accepted student of KU, skip ahead to the next heading. If you're not and you'd like to become a student at KU, simply click here to apply to become a student at Kutztown University today!

Interested in joining KUR (Kutztown University Radio)? 
If you're already a current or accepted student, faculty, or staff of KU, you can join KUR and be trained to have your own radio show or help behind-the-scenes in the exciting world of radio! Zero experience is required! We will train you! Meetings for the Fall 2024 semester will be officially scheduled and announced in August 2024, so check back! 

While you wait for our next meeting, please sign into your Engage platform and search for and join "Kutztown University Radio." And, while not required, we encourage you to e-mail us at kur@kutztown.edu and introduce yourself and let us know about your interest in joining KUR! We can't wait to have you aboard! 

*Note: Tuesdays at 11 a.m. are the FREE HOUR meaning no classes are held anywhere on campus, which should make your attendance at our meeting all the easier for you. 

KUR podcasts some of our best programming!
KUR realizes that in this day and age, folks listen to podcasts almost as much as live "broadcasts." As such, much of KUR's talk programming is now available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts & a healthy sampling of our music programming is on Mixcloud! Simply go to Spotify or Apple Podcasts and search for "Kutztown University Radio." In addition, KUR has a YouTube account where some of our older content is hosted. You can access KUR's "YouTube" channel by clicking on the "Podcasts" link in the upper left of this page. Click on "Podcasts" on the left side of this page for more details. 

If you're not following us on social media, you're missing almost everything.
Following along with our "Schedule" is fine, but without following us on social media, you're missing out on special show announcements, special impromptu programming, and so much more. Unless you listen to KUR 24/7 (which everyone should, but we understand the impracticality *grin*), how are you going to know when KUR airs a special, last-minute program? Plus, KUR's social media is known for local breaking news and other community announcements. It's the reason why KUR won "Best Use of Social Media" at the Intercollegiate Broadcasting convention. "LIKE" the "Kutztown University Radio" Facebook page now and make sure to add us to your "Notifications" or at the very least, frequently "LIKE" or "SHARE" our posts so that Facebook keeps them coming to you. In addition, we're on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, as well! Just click on the little icons a little up and to the left of here and join those venues, as well!

Public File.
As a part-15 station (see F.A.Q.'s for details), KUR is not required to maintain a public file. Wanting to operate as closely to a non-part-15 station as possible, however, we gladly maintain one. A radio station public file details what said radio station airs and does in the community interest, along with public input. You can access ours by clicking here.