Everything you wanted to know about your favorite radio station!

  • Can I have my own show?

    Before having your own show, you must first join the radio station and become an active member. This means helping out with live events and helping at the station, as well. You must also complete training for on-air work and be approved by the station manager and the program director.

  • Can I join the radio station?

    You can join the radio system as long as you're a KU student, faculty, or staff member. Just send an email to kur@kutztown.edu expressing your interest, and we'll get back to you with information. If you don't hear back within a few days, please stop by 188 or 190 at the McFarland Student Union Building or call us at 610-683-4059, as your email may have been sent to our spam box.

  • Can I view KUR's public file?

    As a part-15 station (see F.A.Q.'s for details), KUR is not required to maintain a public file. Wanting to operate as closely to a non-part-15 station as possible, however, we gladly maintain one. A radio station public file details what said radio station airs and does in the community interest, along with public input. You can access ours by clicking here

  • Can KU broadcast live or play music at my campus/community organization's event?

    If you would like to book us for a remote, contact the station at kur@kutztown.edu. If you don't hear back within a few days, please stop by 188 or 190 at the McFarland Student Union Building or call us at 610-683-4059, as your email may have been sent to our spam box. KUR's services are always free to fellow campus organizations however donations are always appreciated. 

  • How can I listen to KUR?

    The station's frequency is 1670 AM. This signal can only be heard clearly on-campus. In addition, our audio is simulcast on and off-campus on Hometown Utilicom Cable Channel 8 during select times of the day. Our stream is available anywhere in the world on our homepage, and now you can listen to KUR on your iPhone by downloading the "TuneIn" app and searching for "KUR" or on ANY phone by simply dialing (563)-999-3101. Toll charges may apply based on your phone plan; otherwise, it is free for you to enjoy. Also, if you have an "Alexa" or "Google Home Mini" or other such on-demand Google product, try simply saying "Play Kutztown University Radio." On most devices, this works like a charm!

  • How far does KUR's regular radio signal reach?

    KUR's operation falls into FCC part-15 regulations, which allows us to broadcast unlicensed, as long as our power does not exceed the miniscule levels allowed of unlicensed stations and we don't interfere with any other stations. KUR's AM signal quality must also quickly drop off beyond campus borders, as dictated by the FCC. KUR can also be heard in a handful of campus buildings at 89.7 FM, but the signal does not leave campus borders, and is part-15 engineer tested & compliant. We used to broadcast the FM signal on 88.3 but recently switched to 89.7 which is a clearer channel for a part-15 broadcast. 

    KUR's main AM signal (1670 AM) is a "free-radiate AM station." The antenna is an Information Station Specialists (formerly a Radio Systems product) approved and installed part-15 engineer tested & compliant unit.

    KUR respects and takes very seriously the FCC part-15 rules so if you ever you suspect interference to a licensed radio facility, please contact KUR immediately at 610-683-4059 and ask for the manager. KUR will look to rectify the situation quickly.

    As for people in town and beyond who want to hear us, we can be found at select times of the day on the KU Information Channel on TV, on the web, on your smart phones or regular phones (see above).

  • What is the radio station phone number?

    The radio station's main office number is as follows: 
    On-campus: 3-4059 
    Off-Campus: 610-683-4059 
    Visit the contact page for additional office numbers and staff contact information.

  • What kind of programming is featured on the radio station?

    During the day, KUR plays a pleasant blend of fun tunes of the 70s and 80s with a dash of the 60s & today. During the evenings, student, faculty, and University specialty shows are featured, including everything from rock to rap to blues to reggae to foreign music to talk programming and everything in between. Overnight, KUR features a smooth jazz-styled format.