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Follow these instructions to listen to KUR

KUR Talk Programming on Spotify

Much of KUR's talk programming is now available on Spotify!

How to Listen to KUR Online

The most popular way to listen to KUR is on a smart device by downloading the "TuneIn" app. Just download that app and search "Kutztown." 

Additionally, many modern smart speakers, when set up properly, respond very well to statements like "Hey Google" or "Hey Alexa," "Play Kutztown University Radio." Give that a try if you own a smart speaker. 

Other ways to listen:

The easiest way to listen to KUR on a desktop of laptop computer is directly through our "TuneIn" link. Simply click here and you should be good to go:

Recent issues with "TuneIn" on desktop appear to have been corrected as of Spring 2021, so we recommend that link as the most reliable way to listen on your desktop or laptop computer. 

For the more technical-savvy folks out there or if the "TuneIn" link is not working, below are other ways to listen to KUR: 

Please open the URLs directly in your media player. Often this is accomplished by using an "Open URL," or "Open Stream" menu option.

Otherwise, clicking on the "m3u" link will load a playlist file, which has to be opened in your particular media player. Your web browser may automatically ask if you wish to open this with say, Windows Media Player or a similar program.

Top two 64 kbps links are lower quality but might be preferred if you're on campus or using a mobile device where bandwidth may be an issue. Bottom two 256 kbps links are higher quality and are preferable if you're on a high-quality connection at home. If you have a problem connecting on one, try the other. Please let us know if you have problems or comments. For the fastest response, e-mail or call (610)-683-4059. We will do what we can to help you find the most suitable listening experience. Thanks for listening and for being a part of "The Radio Voice of Kutztown University, KUR!" 

64kbps Click here:


256kbps Click here: