Publicizing Events

Congratulations! The members have agreed to move forward with an idea for an event! Now it’s time to let the rest of the campus know about the idea. The following list can serve as a reminder for things to take care of when publicizing the program. Remember, always talk to the advisor before finalizing any publicity materials.

You should also note the policy guidelines for advertising and posting.  These can be found here.

Online Resources

Bear Essentials

The official student notification publication, Bear Essentials, is an electronic newsletter geared toward students that is sent out each week on Wednesdays. It serves as a useful tool for informing students about events, activities, academic deadlines and changes, as well as university news. Deadline for submitting items for Bear Essentials is noon on Tuesday.  Requests for repeat submissions need to be made on a weekly basis.

The KU Daily Brief

Published daily, the KU Daily Brief serves as an informative publication directed toward faculty and staff. Organizations should consider using this publication to advertise meetings and events.  To submit items for the Daily Brief, simply e-mail by 1 p.m. on the day prior to publication.   More information


Take advantage of all of the advertising opportunities you have through ENGAGE.  Post your flyer, share information with other students and more!

Facebook, Twitter, and Word of Mouth

Create a group and/or event in Facebook and invite everyone you know!  A special note: Electronic advertisements must comply with University policy.  For more information about guests that are not KU students, please review the policy in The Key. 

Electronic Resources

TV Screens in the MSU

To place advertisements on the five TV screens in the McFarland Student Union, please contact Scott Stamm at  All artwork can be emailed to his account.

Kutztown Campus Radio Announcements

Any University organization can have their events announced on the air, free of charge, by simply contacting KU’s radio station.   Call 610-683-4059.

KU Information Channel

Written announcements can also be made over the KU Information Channel for FREE.


Want an event to be a feature story? Newsbreak may be interested in a particular event for news and can be reached at or 610-683-4051.

Print Resources

Graphic Design Services

Student Union and Involvement Services offers eligible organizations a free design service.  Examples include designing posters, table tents and flyers for their events.   When proofing the poster, does poster answer: Who? What? When? Where? and Why? Remember to include information explaining exactly what certain events entail that may not be easily identified by title alone.  To request an advertisement to be designed or to have your advertisements printed, please complete this online form.  If you have questions, please visit MSU 153.  Call 610-683-1383 for more information. 

The Keystone

If you would like to have the event publicized in the University newspaper, stop by the office located in MSU 194. Allow enough time before the event for The Keystone staff to put together the information they need and to meet their deadlines.

Distribution Ideas and Resources

 On-Campus Posting

Advertise your event by posting flyers on campus.  Please be sure to adhere to the policies outlined in the student handbook, The Key.  This can be found online here.  

Off Campus Publicity

Ask some of the area merchants if flyers may be posted in their store windows. Contact local schools and ask them to advertise the event to their students, if appropriate.

McFarland Student Union Information Desk

Drop off publicity materials you want posted in the MSU at the desk.  Please leave two copies. 

Residence Hall Information Dissemination

Posters can be delivered to Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services for distribution to the residence halls.  Quantity: 30 to be in each of the hall posting areas; 100 to be on each floor.  For details about this process contact Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services at 610-683-4027.


Chalking is a quick and inexpensive high impact strategy for promoting.  General guidelines state that chalking is only permitted on sidewalks and other uncovered walkways. Only water soluble chalk may be used.

Faculty and Staff

Speak to the faculty and staff members that you know, including your advisor.  Ask them to share the information with people they know.  See if they have any suggestions about offices or groups that might like more information.

Class Announcements

Have all group members make announcements in classes.  Have flyers available to hand out to those interested. 


Create a banner to hang in the MSU Atrium.  Complete a form found in MSU 274 to reserve a location.