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Training Opportunities

Starfish and Student Retention: 

  • Individual training and group training will be provided by request.  To request training, please contact Cheryl Brattley at cbrattley@kutztown.edu.

    Q&A About Starfish

    • Why are we using Starfish?

      Starfish is a communication platform and retention tool that provides you with a way to better connect and engage with students you are connected to within the campus community.

    • What are Flags and Kudos and how do I use them?

      Using Flags and Kudos in Starfish

      Key Notes:

      When you raise a flag or kudo (manually), it will be saved to the student’s Starfish record.

      This will generate an email to the student regarding the flag or kudo.

      Any comments you provide on the flag or kudo will be included in the email to the student.

      The flag raiser and other applicable members of the student’s success network will be able to view a journal of the activity on the flag for the student.

      Flags: Flags are warnings to students and those in their success network that there is a concern.

      Search for the student by selecting “My Students” from the “Students” tab at the upper left of your Starfish page.

      By clicking on the student’s name, you will open the Overview box.

      Click on “Flag” in the upper left corner.

      Choose the appropriate flag from the drop‐down menu. You may choose a course if the flag is course specific.

      Kudos: Follow the same instructions for raising a flag (above) but choose “Kudos” instead of “Flag” in the Overview box.

      Select appropriate kudo from the drop‐down menu. You may also make the kudo course specific.

      Kudos are not only a nice gesture, but also alert others in the student’s success network of progress

    • What will happen when I complete a progress survey?

      After you complete the progress survey for a course, you will receive a thank you from Starfish to confirm the progress survey has been submitted. Any flags you have raised for students will automatically trigger email notification to the appropriate individual(s) on campus who will begin the outreach process with the student. Kudos for students will show up in the student notifications in Starfish and the student will also receive an email. 

    • What happens after I make a referral for a student?

      When you make a referral, the student receives an email notification indicating that you have referred them to a particular campus office. That campus office will also receive an automated email with information and applicable details regarding the student that was referred to them. They will then reach out to the referred student as needed.

    • Can I change how and why I am emailed from Starfish?

      Yes, you can change your email notification settings by clicking on Profile in Starfish and then navigating to the Email Notifications tab.

    • How do I get more details about a student?

      Any time you see a student's name as a hyperlink (either in an email or on your Dashboard), this hyperlink will lead you to the student's folder where you will be able to view current contact information, notes recorded by you or shared with you, and academic progress items.

    • After raising a flag for a student, how will I know that the issue has been resolved?

      You can track outcomes by using the Tracking sub-tab under the Students tab. The person who resolved the flag has the option of "closing the loop" which would provide you with a note via email stating that the issue has been resolved. Clearing flags is not required, but considered a best practice. Remember that just because a student's flag is not cleared does not mean they have not taken to appropriate steps to do so.

    • Who do I contact if I need assistance with Starfish?

      If you need additional help, please contact us at Starfish@kutztown.edu.