Center for Student Success & Academic Excellence

We empower students to be successful at Kutztown University through engagement in academic support programs to foster academic and personal growth along the path to graduation. 

Need some help? You're in the right place!

Use the links below to connect with a Student Success Coordinator:

  • Take Responsibility- It is your responsibility to attend all classes, in person and on zoom, complete all assignments on time, and communicate when you are struggling or missing class.
  • Stay Organized- Balancing classes, clubs, jobs, and other duties can be overwhelming. Organization is the key to ensure you have dedicated time to complete all assignments and to stay on track for graduation.
  • Advocate for yourself and any assistance you may need to support your success. In order have the degree in your name, you must take action for the bills, the course work, and questions you have.
  • Utilize Resources- Staff and faculty are here to help when you ask! Be sure to visit offices for support when needed, including Disability Services Office, Student Assistance, Veterans Services, and more!