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summer is a great time to gain related experience

Part-time jobs, internships and volunteer work that is related to your career goal will build a strong resume. To schedule a career coaching appointment make an appointment in Handshake:
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Student success academic support programs

KU Succeed program is designed to help students return to good academic standing by providing a framework for academic success.
KU Achieve is an academic support program required for all first-time full-time students that earn less than a 2.0 GPA in their first semester here at KU. 
Kutztown University Summer Reboot program: Students completing their first year who have not obtained the required GPA (2.0 overall), and possibly have not yet reached the credits (24) required for financial aid, may be eligible for this program.
Questions regarding these programs can be directed to

Student Success Meetings

The Student Success Team is available to assist students with academic success strategies such as time management, test-taking and test anxiety, note-taking and textbook reading. Schedule an appointment through Starfish by clicking on the “I need help “ icon, then select the appropriate request or contact us at  

student success workshops: Spring 2024

If you are unable to attend a workshop and need to complete it to meet a university requirement (e.g., Financial Aid, UEC Petition) you must contact

1/25/2024 11:00 AM  AF 203 Plan for Success:  Syllabus Mapping 101


11:00 AM      
AF 203 Work Smarter Not Harder: Time Management Strategies


11:00 AM      
AF 203 KU Technology: D2L, Email, MyKU and Starfish


11:00 AM      
AF 203 Learn about Learning Styles


11:00 AM       
AF 203 Maximizing Tutoring and Professor Office Hours


11:00 AM       
AF 203 Calm the Nerves: Test Taking and Anxiety Management Strategies
11:00 AM       
AF 203 Maximizing Tutoring and Professor Office Hours


11:00 AM       
AF 203 Great Grades Begin with Great Notes
11:00 AM       
AF 203

Remember What You Read & Resources

11:00 AM       
AF 203 Advisement 101 with Dr.  Fares


11:00 AM       
AF 203 Don't Miss the 411: Balancing Campus Involvement and Networking


11:00 AM       
AF 203 Let's Talk Dollars and Sense: Financial Literacy


11:00 AM       
AF 203 Staying Motivated: Be SMART About Your Goals


11:00 AM       
AF 203 Turn Stress Into Success


11:00 AM       
AF 203 Growth vs. Fixed Mindset


11:00 AM     
AF 203 End the Semester with Success: Finals Prep