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Coordinator for Student Success & Transfer Engagement

Briana Zdradzinski is a first generation college student who transferred from Reading Area Community College in Spring 2016 to Kutztown University. After completing her first semester at KU, she earned her Associate Degree in Liberal Arts through the PASSHE Reverse Transfer agreement. As she continued her studies at KU, she has highly involved on campus with multiple on campus jobs and e-board positions as a commuter. After graduating with her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology in Fall 2018, Briana remained at KU to pursue her Master of Public Administration while being a graduate assistant and intern at various colleges and departments.  After completing her Masters degree, Briana worked in the Registrar's Office at West Chester University evaluating transfer credits and reviewing transfer articulation agreements. She returned to KU as the Assistant Director of Transfer Admission before joining the Center for Student Success and Academic Excellence. 

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  • How can Briana help?

    Briana can help navigate your college experience at KU once committed to transfer.

    • Work together to prepare for your transition to KU!
    • Confirm all of your transfer benefits- including scholarships and general education waivers!
    • Clarify PASSHE transfer policies- including 30 Credit Framework and Reverse Transfer!
    • Discuss your transfer credits and KU degree progress!
    • Learn how long it could take to earn your KU degree!
    • Discover academic opportunities, additional resources, and ways to get involved!
    • Review study habits, note taking tips, balancing your life and college responsibilities, and more!

    While working in the Student Success Center, Briana advises Tau Sigma, an honor society for transfer students. 

  • How can I schedule a meeting with Briana?

    Briana is available to meet in person and through Zoom. 

    1. Current Students can schedule a meeting in Starfish!
    2. New Transfers can email Briana to schedule a meeting (
    3. Students who have not yet applied to KU should work with the Transfer Admissions on the application process (
  • What else does the Student Success Center offer?

    Every member of the Student Success Center is here to help you R.O.A.R.!

    • Take Responsibility- Remember it is your responsibility to attend all classes, in person and on zoom, complete all assignments on time, and communicate when you are struggling or missing class.
    • Stay Organized- Balancing classes, clubs, jobs, and other duties can be overwhelming. Organization is key to ensure you have dedicated time to complete all assignments and to stay on track for graduation.
    • Advocate for yourself and any assistance you may need for your success. In order to have the degree in your name,  you must take action for the bills, the course work, and questions you have.
    • Utilize Resources- There are staff and faculty here to help when you ask! Be sure to visit offices for support when need, including professors, Tutoring Services, Disability Services Office, Student Assistance, Veterans Services, and more!

    The Student Success Center offers Student Success Workshops! These are held on select Tuesdays and Thursdays during the free hour at 11 am. Some workshop topics include Time Management, Study Skills, Test Taking Skills, and Goal Setting.

    Students may be required to attend workshops to complete requirements of an academic support program, such as KU Succeed and KU Achieve

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