Study Abroad

Dig deep. Find your inner explorer. This is the time. Grow not into someone new, but into yourself. Golden Bears learn everywhere. Take advantage of study abroad opportunities and see the world now, while you are a student.

You can study abroad and take classes in your major in English in many countries, regardless of your ability to speak another language.  You have endless opportunities available to you. Travel with a small group of KU students on a faculty-led program or venture to a program on your own, where you will meet students from around the United States and the world.

The Study Abroad Office, along with academic advisors, the Registrar's Office, Financial Aid, and many other departments on campus, will support you throughout the entire process. We can help you select a program, get your courses pre-approved for transfer back to KU, provide a pre-departure orientation and give additional support while you are abroad and after your return to KU.

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Program Types and Current Offerings

  • KU Faculty-Led Programs

    Faculty-Led study abroad programs are offered by KU faculty. The KU professor accompanies students during a study abroad program, usually during winter or summer breaks. Courses can be a KU course or a course offered by host university abroad. The group of students and faculty traveling together meet frequently before the trip, often travel together to the destination and always remain together as a group for the duration of the program in the host country. Pay KU tuition and fees plus program fees directly to KU.

    Please check back for academic year 2021-2022 faculty-led programs!

  • KU Exchange Programs

    Exchange programs are typically a semester or full year study abroad program at a partner university for students in specific majors. You pay KU tuition and fees to KU, but pay room, meals, and personal expenses at host study site.

    Current KU Exchange Programs: 

  • KU Short-Term Programs

    KU currently offers a short-term study abroad program through ICADS in Costa Rica

  • Affiliate Programs

    KU is currently affiliated with Academic Programs International (API) and International Studies Abroad (ISA). These programs are very highly supported with many services, such as housing, 24/7 support in host country, excursions, cell phones, and more. Typically, these programs have one cost for all participants that is paid to the provider. 

    KU is a member of the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS), which offers cost-effective study abroad programs all around the world. Many of the support services offered by API and ISA are also included in the CCIS programs. 

    Special Funding:

    • API funds scholarships for KU students studying abroad on an API program. 
    • CCIS has many program-specific scholarships. 
    • ISA offers a $200 program discount to KU students studying in one of their programs plus other scholarship opportunities. 

    Search for API, ISA, or CCIS programs using the study abroad database.

  • PA State System Programs

    The International Educators Network of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education contribute to a website that lists all PA State System study abroad programs available to students attending any one of the 14 state universities. Programs are listed by discipline, location, and time of year. Visit the PA State System International Studies website to view all of the study abroad programs. 

  • Other Study Abroad Opportunities/Programs

    We encourage you to find a study abroad program that is the best fit for you. Here are more types of study abroad programs you can consider: 

    Third-Party: There are many third-party study abroad providers who have study sites or work with universities abroad to offer study abroad programs all around the world. They offer many perks as part of the program, such as flight packages, airport pickups, cell phones, and excursions, and are very highly supported. Examples of these providers include AIFS, CAPA, and IFSA. 

    U.S. Institution Sponsored: U.S. colleges and universities also offer study abroad programs. Temple University, for example, has been a very popular program for KU students in recent years. Other U.S. University providers include Arcadia University and Semester at Sea, for example. 

    Direct Enrollment: Or, you can directly enroll in a college/university and take classes with local students. This is a very independent experience, as KU would not have a contract, contacts, or in-depth knowledge of the host university. All tuition, fees, and other expenses are paid to host study site.

    Search for your ideal study abroad program using the study abroad database or apply to the Other Program - Not Listed option if you are interested in a study abroad program that is not in our database. Our staff will review the program and let you know if it can be approved.