International Partnerships

  • China / Taiwan

    Chihlee University of Technology - General Collaboration

  • Denmark

    University of Southern Denmark - Study Abroad Exchange

  • Ecuador

    Universidad de Especialidades Espiritu Santo - Study Abroad Exchange

  • Germany

    Friedrich-List-Gymnasium Reutlingen - High School programming
    Reutlingen University - Study Abroad Exchange
    University of Hildesheim - Study Abroad Exchange

  • India

    Bangalore University - General Collaboration
    Bengaluru City University - General Collaboration
    Christ Institute for Advanced Studies - General Collaboration
    HSNC University Mumbai - General Collaboration
    Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous - General Collaboration
    St. Bede’s College - General Collaboration
    St. Joseph's University - General Collaboration

  • The Netherlands

    InHolland University of Applied Sciences - Study Abroad Exchange

  • Spain

    University of Valladolid - Outbound Study Abroad


  • Click Here to Review Step #1 - Step #4

    Step 1: Partnership Proposal

    • School/College specific partnership proposals must have the approval of the Dean. Meet with your Dean to initially discuss the proposed partnership prior to proceeding with the agreement process.
    • Schedule an appointment with the Office of International Education and Global Engagement (International Office) and the Vice Provost of Extended and Lifelong Learning and Dean of Graduate Studies to discuss the proposed partnership and basic partnership collaboration ideas. 

    Step 2: Research and Review 

    The International Office conducts background research on the proposed partnership for the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies to consider during the proposed partnership review process:

    • Institution type (public, private, regional/local designations)
    • Accreditation status of institution and/or selected programs
    • Financial considerations of the proposed collaboration ideas
    • Their current international partnerships and international office resources
    • KU's current partnerships in the country/region to compare needs and competition 

    Step 3: Agreement

    The Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies will 

    • Determine which template agreement to use.
    • Bring stakeholders together to review and edit the draft as necessary.
    • Submit the draft to University Legal Counsel for review.
    • Prepare the agreement for final approval and signing. 

    Note: Final copies of the signed agreements will be kept on file in the Vice Provost's office and with the International Office. 

    Step 4: Partnership Implementation

    A small working group should then be identified to work on the partnership implementation. Members will be determined based on the proposed collaboration activities, but should include the International Office. 

  • Partnership Implementation and Maintenence Themes

    Discuss the following themes within the KU working group, and then again with the partner:

    International Partnership Review Rubric - coming soon!

    Collaborative Relationships:

    • Shared Vision and Mission
    • Statekholder Involvement
    • Roles and Responsibiliies
    • Reciprocity

    Partnership Practice:

    • Communication
    • Assessment and Metrics
    • Critical Reflection
    • Sustainabillity