Program of StudyPlanEffective Date
B.S.B.A. Supply Chain Management Major 8/26/2019  
M.B.A. Business Administration Major 8/27/2018  
B.S.B.A. Accounting Major 8/27/2018  
B.S.B.A. Finance (General) Major 8/27/2018  
B.S.B.A. Personal Financial Planning Major 8/27/2018  
B.S.B.A. Management Major 8/27/2018  
B.S.B.A. Marketing Major 8/27/2018  
B.S.B.A. Personal Financial Planning Major 8/28/2017
B.S.B.A. Finance (General) Major 8/28/2017
B.S.B.A. Management Major 8/29/2016
M.B.A. Business Administration Major 8/29/2014
B.S.B.A. Finance Major 8/29/2011
B.S.B.A. Management Major 8/29/2011
B.S.B.A. Accounting Major 8/29/2011
B.S.B.A. Marketing Major 8/29/2011
Business Minor 1/22/2019  
Business Minor 1/19/2016
Supply Chain Management and Logistics Minor 8/24/2015  
Economics Minor 8/29/2007  
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Program of StudyPlanEffective Date
Women's and Gender Studies Minor 1/19/2016  
Digital Communication and New Media Minor 8/24/2015
Entrepreneurship Minor 8/24/2015  
Multicultural Studies Minor 1/12/2004  
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