ITCCA Assessment Information

Given the updated prerequisites for BUS275 (Business Data Management and Information Systems) and FIN350 (Financial Management), students are no longer required to complete ITCCA for these two courses. Please review the new prerequisites for these courses. Nevertheless, students have the option to take ITCCA for the purpose of evaluation and/or enhancing their Information Technology Concepts and Computer Skills.

The Business Information Technology Concepts and Computer Applications Assessment (ITCCA) is required for all students who have not already taken BUS 171 or CSC 101 or it's equivalent. Otherwise, Students must take and pass the ITCCA prior to registering for BUS 275: Business Data Management and Information Systems and several other required courses. The assessment should be taken by freshman their first semester. Transfer students should take it as soon as they are scheduled for Transfer orientation.  

ITCCA details
  • Please use Firefox or Chrome, do NOT use Safari.
  • The ITCCA assessment generally takes students one to two hours to complete.
  • Mac users will need alternative keyboard shortcuts and a work around to prevent this from overriding Word shortcuts please find a complete list and instructions to eliminate the override here.
  • There are questions of general IT knowledge, as well as hands-on simulation tests for Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. A passing score is 70% or better.
  • Students have three opportunities to take the assessment. If a student does not pass after three tries, they are required to take BUS 171 or CSC 101 (or its equivalent) before registering for BUS 275.
  • If you have any questions please contact your advisor.
 REGISTRATION Instructions
  1. Go to
  2. If you already have a Pearson account, log in and click Enroll in a Course use the below access code.
  3. Under Register select Student
  4. Click OK! Register now
  5. Enter the course ID: itcca02287, and click Continue
  6. You will get the screen to sign in. If you have ever registered for any Pearson MyLab courses at
    Kutztown, you already have an account and can skip creating an account. Just enter your
    username and password for the account you already have. (If you have an account associated
    with another university, please create a new account associated with your Kutztown email
    address). If you don't already have an account, click on create. Please use your KU student email.
  7. Select the link "Get temporary access without payment for 14 days." at the bottom You will only have 14 days to complete this test free of charge.  If not completed within this 14 day period, you will be responsible for the required fee of $129.99 for continued access to the course. Upon completion with a grade of 70 or better, please send a screenshot with your name, date, and score clearly visible to It may take up to 2 business days for your score to be updated in MyKU. 
  8. It will take about 15 minutes for the account to be created and an email sent you.
  9. Login to the Pearson website again at
  • For a PDF of these instructions click here

  • If you are having trouble registering please contact the business administration office at 610-683-4580 or Please include your student ID number in your email.

Pathways for Success

There are several pathways to learn the material necessary to take this assessment.

  1. Use a tutor! Click here for a link to the Online Tutoring Lab: BUS 275. A schedule is posted if you scroll down before clicking the link.
  2. If you are already very familiar with Information Technology and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, & Excel, as well as Pearson’s MyLAB IT simulations, go ahead and log in to take the ITCCA assessment.
  3. If you are relatively familiar with Information Technology and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, & Excel, but aren't sure you know enough, or are not familiar MyLab IT simulations, log in to use the Pre-assessment Resources to go over all the topics that will be in the assessment and learn how the simulation works.  The Word Simulation, Powerpoint Simulation, and Excel Simulation are especially helpful to get you familiar with the simulation environment and give yourself the best chance of passing the first time.
  4. If you take the ITCCA assessment and pass (get a 70%), you have completed this part of the prerequisite for BUS 275. Your ITCCA assessment score will be transferred to MyKU so that you can register for BUS275 in the future. (You must also pass MAT105 or higher in order to register for BUS 275).
  5. If you take the ITCCA assessment the first time and fail, you must go through the refresher tutorials before you can take a second attempt.
  6. If you take the ITCCA assessment a second time and fail, you must go through the in-depth tutorials before you can take a third attempt.
  7. If you take the ITCCA assessment a third and final time, and still fail, you must take an introductory course such as BUS 171 or CSC 101 before you can register for BUS 275. 

If you have any questions or concerns contact your advisor.