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ITCCA Assessment

ITCCA Assessment Information 

ITCCA Assessment is CLOSED until August 2019 for upgrades

In fall of 2018, the Department of Business Administration implemented a new tool in order to improve instruction for students in the business information technology courses. The Business Information Technology Concepts and Computer Applications Assessment (ITCCA) is required for all students who have not already taken CSC 010 or BUS 171.  Students must take and pass ITCCA prior to registering for BUS275: Business Data Management and Information Systems and several other required courses. The assessment should be taken by freshman and transfer students the first semester they enroll prior to the advising period.  

Go to the URL in order to take the ITCCA assessment, do the pre-assessment refresh tutorials, or go through the in-depth online tutorials on all the topics covered in the assessment.

To log in, use your normal Kutztown login (your email address, as in and enter the password Kutztown2018. If your login doesn't work, contact with your full name, email address, and student ID and she will investigate and/or add you to the system.

Please change your password upon logging in the first time.

The ITCCA Details

The ITCCA assessment has five sections, and you must take all five assessments on the same day. It generally takes students from one to three hours to take the assessment. There are 34 questions of general IT knowledge, and hands-on simulation tests for Word/Powerpoint, and Excel. A passing score is an aggregate score of 70%. You will have three opportunities to take the assessment. If you do not pass after three tries, you must take CSC 010 or some other information technology course before registering for BUS 275. Do NOT take the third try without going through the in-depth tutorial.

It may take anywhere from 18 to 48 hours for your results to appear in myKU so that you can register for BUS275, so please give yourself plenty of time before you must register for your classes so that the assessment does not hold you up from registering for your classes.

Pathways for Success

There are several pathways for you to learn the material necessary to take this assessment.

If you are already very familiar with Information Technology and Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, & Excel, just go ahead and take the ITCCA assessment. You may find it easy to do. 

If you are already relatively familiar with Information Technology and Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, & Excel, but aren't sure you know enough, you may just want to quickly run through the refresher tutorial we've made available. Click on the Pre-assessment Resources folder.

If you are not very familiar with Information Technology or Word, Powerpoint or Excel, you can go through the in-depth tutorial available.  Click on the  In-depth Tutorials to Learn/Practice. Alternatively, you can take a free self-paced tutorial online such as

If you are not familiar at all and you have difficulty with self-paced online instruction, you can take the CSC010, CSC100, BUS171, or some other similar introductory course in computer applications or information technology. 

If you are still having trouble, you may contact Dr. Sue Kong at, Dr. CJ Rhoads at, or go to deFran 233, the Business Administration office.