Instructional Technology Programs

All required classes, and nearly all electives, are offered in online format. This program is designed for working adults who wish to enhance their technology skills while earning their master's degree. The Instructional Technology program prepares educators for the 21st Century classroom and online teaching environments. There are several options for graduate students:

  1. Students completing the thirty (30) credit Master of Education in Instructional Technology degree with concentration in Digital Classroom Technology will be well prepared to effectively use instructional technology in the classroom.

  2. Students interested in applying for the PDE Instructional Technology Specialist Certification should consider our twenty four (24) credit Instructional Technology Specialist Course sequence.

  3. Students wishing to focus on online teaching may complete our twelve (12) credit Online Teaching course sequence in which they will learn methods and strategies for successful delivery of online courses. The courses in this sequence can be taken as professional credits or as part of the larger master's degree.

The Kutztown Instructional Technology program exposes students to a wide variety of technologies including Mac, Tablet, and PC-based programs, emerging technologies and SMARTBoard and Classroom Clicker devices.

With a full-course load, the 30-credit degree can be completed in approximately a year.

M.Ed. in Instructional Technology (30 credits)

Instructional Technology Specialist Course Sequence (24 credits)

Online Teaching Course Sequence (12 credits)