Graduate Program

Students wishing to complete a Masters in Education degree should visit our M.Ed. Instructional Technology web page.

Students interested in applying for the PDE Instructional Technology Specialist certification should consider our Instructional Technology Specialist course sequence. Most of these courses can be applied to our Master's degree.

Students interesting in focusing on online course development may wish to consider our Twelve Credit Online Teaching sequence. These courses can also be applied to our Master's degree.

Degree Candidacy

Degree candidacy is a review process for advising, developing a program of study, and/or identifying areas of study that may need to be strengthened.  Graduate students must apply for degree candidacy once they have successfully completed 12 semester hours of graduate coursework, a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, and resolved all incomplete grades.  A student will not be cleared for graduation unless an application for candidacy has been approved.  A successfully completed qualifying examination is also required for MSW students.  Note that MBA students are not required to apply for candidacy.

Beginning Spring 2014, application for candidacy is an online process that can be found in the Student Service Center through MyKU. Students, please do not confuse applying for candidacy (done at the 12 credit point) and applying for graduation. These are two different activities. 

Please keep in mind that it is the sole responsibility of students to initiate an application for candidacy.  Neither Graduate Studies nor advisors will contact students concerning an application for candidacy.  In addition, admission to candidacy is not considered an application for graduation.

Contact either the Registrar's Office or Graduate Studies if you have questions about this process.