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Chincoteague Bay Field Station of the Marine Science Consortium

Students digging a trench on the beach
Two students in waders in the salt marsh, examining a sample
Students cutting a core pipe in the field
Two KU Students holding a shark on the deck of a boat
Marine Science at Wallops Island, VA 

Kutztown University's involvement with the Chincoteague Bay Field Station (CBFS)- formerly the Marine Science Consortium-  has allowed us to offer a comprehensive, hands-on, field-oriented Marine Science program for 50 years! Located adjacent to Chincoteague Bay and the National Wildlife Refuge on Assateague Island, VA, CBFS provides outstanding inter-disciplinary educational and research opportunities. Shallow-draft boats, a 50-ft-steel-hull research vessel, a small whaler skiff, and kayaks are available for education and research from the back bay to the Atlantic Ocean.  Field experience is one of the most critical pedagogues in Marine Science at Kutztown and is integral to all courses taught at Wallops Island. 

The Marine Science major at Kutztown requires three summer field courses at the Chincoteague Bay Field Station. 


3 credits | 4 sessions, 3 weeks each | Open to all college students | Housing on-site
CBFS's field-based college courses are offered through member institutions. 

“The symbiotic relationship between Kutztown’s marine science curriculum and the resources available through CBFS help to lineup students for countless jobs, internships, and opportunities all throughout the marine science industry. Not only does CBFS give students an unprecedented “down and dirty” hands on experience with various forms of true to the bone field experience, students are also able to take classes through other PASSHE schools that may not be offered by the school that they have chosen to attend. This relationship gives students a wide variety of classes to choose and allows them to gain valuable opportunities and experiences.”
-Eric Wink, KU Class of 2013

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Hand holding a mantis shrimp
student at a microscope in the lab
Students in the maritime forest with GPR
students standing in the water with a seine net
Wallops Flight Facility from the air

Wallops Flight Facility, Photo credit: HighCamera

Dr. Ryan and students sitting on a boat with blue skies
Parker ship and students with the CHIRP sonar in the foreground
Kayaking on a river
Students surrounding the vibracore system in the salt marsh with a student on top of the tripod
ghost crab
Graphic showing the CBFS major partners and universities

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