Welcome to the Department of Psychology

Mission Statement

The Psychology Department invites you to explore our rich and diverse curriculum. Our Bachelor of Science in Psychology major offers two concentrations: Psychology and Psychology: Paralegal Studies.

The mission of the Psychology Department at Kutztown University is to provide students with an understanding of all subfields of psychology and the intellectual tools necessary to obtain employment in the field of psychology or in a related field.  Our program also prepares students for post-secondary studies in clinical, counseling, school, health, industrial/organizational, and educational psychology. This is accomplished by completing relevant course work as well as faculty-supervised research and supervised internships at local facilities.  

Our department facilities include computer labs for teaching statistics and research methods, a student lounge (OM 383-B) and specialized research labs in visual perception, cognition and biofeedback. Students can later pursue careers or apply to graduate school within any field of psychology. Our diverse faculty provides students with opportunities to gain experience via internships and research opportunities. 



It's good to be golden


Join us each Fall when the Psychology Department hosts our annual Psychology Career Day. We invite various speakers from within the field to discuss what options a Psychology major has to offer. Students are encouraged to ask questions and discover the numerous career paths in Psychology.