Senior Year Swap

Senior Year Swap allows high school seniors to replace their senior year of high school with a year of classes at Kutztown University.  The courses taken at Kutztown University will fulfill all senior year graduation requirements.

In addition to the required freshman application materials, which include the official high school transcript and SAT/ACT scores (if applicable), you will need to send the following materials to be considered for admission as a Senior Year Swap student:

  • Parental approval
  • Guidance counselor recommendation and approval
  • Principal recommendation and approval
  • Superintendent recommendation and approval
  • List of courses that will qualify you for high school graduation 

Please apply using the Kutztown University application and provide all supporting documents to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. 

The recommended date to apply for Senior Year Swap is by May 1, and the final deadline is July 1. 

Students enrolled in Senior Year Swap must live within 30 miles of Kutztown University (by zip code), and commute to campus for classes.  Senior Year Swap students are not permitted to live on campus.  Parking passes are free for students in Senior Year Swap.  

Senior Year Swap students must participate in New Student Orientation so that they are aware of campus resources, student service offices, and other enrollment details.  

Students in Senior Year Swap will not select a major when applying for admission.  The program of study will be Undeclared.  Students may choose to continue their studies at Kutztown University after the end of the Senior Year Swap by notifying the Office of Admissions.  Further instructions, including how to select a major, will be provided.

Financial aid is not available for Senior Year Swap students.