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Department of Criminal Justice

The field of criminal justice affords students an opportunity to become involved in careers that deal with some of our nation's most pressing problems: crime, justice, and social control. Criminal justice students study law enforcement, courts, law and corrections, as well as agencies dealing with juvenile offenders. Graduates go on to work in a wide range of federal, state, and local agencies.

Some basic facts regarding the Criminal Justice Department and Faculty:

  • The department:
    • has more than 550 majors  
    • is composed of 10 faculty members all of which are fulltime
    • has nine faculty who have a Ph.D. or other terminal degrees
    • offers a wide variety of courses taught by our faculty
    • offers internship opportunities which provides practical experience in the criminal justice field
    • offers personal interaction with professors 
  • The faculty has:
    • published more than 30 books
    • published more than 400 scholarly publications
    • presented more than 500 papers at national and international conferences
    • nationally renowned experts in their fields
    • practical experience
    • recieved national and international research and public service awards

If you are interested in an exciting field that offers a wide range of dynamic job placement opportunities, the field of criminal justice may be for you!  

Our Offices

The corridor outside the Criminal Justice offices

The corridor outside the Criminal Justice offices looks a bit 19th century - which it is.  But, inside you'll find a state-of-the art curriculum, a committed faculty, and up-to-date facilities.