Paralegal Studies

The Kutztown University Criminal Justice Program offers students a chance to simultaneously obtain a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice and to complete Lehigh Carbon Community College’s (LCCC)American Bar Association-approved Paralegal Studies Certificate. LCCC’s Paralegal Studies Certificate is comprised of seven Paralegal Courses offered exclusively through our partnership with Lehigh Carbon Community College. Students take 7 paralegal classes (6 requirements and 1 elective) that are all offered on Kutztown University’s campus. Students will transfer nine KU credits at the 200 level back to LCCC as electives.

All Paralegal Studies courses are offered on the Kutztown University campus by LCCC staff. The Paralegal Studies Certificate is offered exclusively to Kutztown University.

 The program entails the study of the paralegal profession as well as the limitations imposed by the unauthorized practice of law. Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law.

Paralegal Career Opportunities

There are many rationales for completing LCCC’s Paralegal Studies Certificate. Some intend to do full-time paralegal work for law firms upon graduation, following in the footsteps of several recent Criminal Justice graduates. Others see it as giving them an "edge up" when they eventually attend law school. Still, others see the completion of the program option as giving them a competitive advantage when they apply to criminal justice agencies.

Program requirements

The concentration consists of the following required courses: 
PLG 120 Introduction to Paralegal Studies 
PLG 150 Torts and Personal Injury Law 
PLG 200 Civil Litigation 
PLG 215 Law Office Management 
PLG 220 Contract Law and Business Organizational Law 
PLG 245 Legal Research and Writing

In addition, each student must select a total of three credits from the following: 
PLG 125 Workers' Compensation Law for Paralegals 
PLG 130 Social Security Disability Practice for Paralegals 
PLG 135 Legal Interviewing 
PLG 230 Estates and Trusts 
PLG 235 Family Law 
PLG 240 Bankruptcy Law 
PLG 250 Legal Internship 
PLG 255 Legal Writing

In addition, students will be required to transfer nine credits at the 200 level to LCCC.

LCCC’s Paralegal Studies program options are primarily offered through synchronous instruction. Paralegal Studies classes may be enhanced with asynchronous materials. Paralegal Studies students must take at least nine-semester credits or the equivalent of legal specialty courses through synchronous instruction.

For more information on this program, contact either the Criminal Justice Program office at (484) 646-4265 or the program coordinator at LCCC: Diane Tallarita, (610) 799-1594, e-mail