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The Radio Voice of Kutztown University

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Kutztown University Radio (KUR)


KUR and KU-TV on Service Electric is soon going away and going to a new provider. What that means is that beginning soon, you will be unable to listen to KUR or watch KU-TV on your Service Electric cable television.

Now is the time to orient yourself to the many other ways to listen to KUR so that when KUR and KU-TV go away, you won't be left without your favorite radio station.

Remember, you can stream KUR on any computer right here on this website.

Secondly, you can download the "TuneIn" app on your smart device and search up KUR or Kutztown right there.

Thirdly, if you have a phone plan with free national minutes, you can listen to KUR on speakerphone from ANY phone simply by dialing (563)-999-3101.

Fourthly, if you live on campus, break out the AM radio (yep, AM, that button next to the FM button) and dial up 1670 AM.

And lastly, if you have Hometown Utilicom Cable TV, KUR and KU-TV continue as usual so this news doesn't affect you. Spread the word and thanks as always for listening to KUR!



Interesting in joining the organization recently rated "Best Organization" by Student Government? If you're a student, faculty, or staff of KU, you are eligible to join KUR and learn radio! Training begins again in the Fall semester! Please e-mail regensbu@kutztown.edu expressing your interest and we'll be sure you're notified when meeting locations for the new academic year are set!  



Hey KUR listeners & KUR social media readers! Please take just about two minutes of your time and fill out this survey by clicking here to let us know how we are doing as your community radio station!



Kutztown University Radio (KUR) has embarked in a new venture in 2019. Beginning at the turn of the New Year, KUR's daytime format has become 'Radio for Pets', easy listening radio for the relaxation of pets and their humans.

Pet health tips, animal news and the Humane Society Pet of the Week are featured hourly on KUR. Local pet owners can send in photos of their pets to be featured on KUR's social media channels and possibly KUTV. An improved playlist of more than 3,400 easy-going songs spanning seven decades will be featured as KUR's Radio for Pets production. 

Send your pet photos to kur@kutztown.edu and KUR may feature the photos on its social media pages and KUTV. Be sure to include your pet's name and where they're listening from! Make a resolution in 2019 for you and your pets to listen to KUR, where we play Billy Joel to Ed Sheeran and Frank Sinatra to Whitney Houston.



KUR realizes that in this day and age, folks listen to podcasts almost as much as live "broadcasts." As such, KUR now has a YouTube account where we podcast some of our latest and greatest talk broadcasts/interviews/features. You can access KUR's "YouTube" channel by clicking on the "Podcasts" link in the upper left of this page. In addition, we now podcast many of our music shows, as well, through Mixcloud. You can find that link by clicking on "Podcasts" in the upper left of this page, as well.



Following along with our "Schedule" is fine, but without following us on social media, you're missing out on special show announcements, special impromptu programming, and so much more. Unless you listen to KUR 24/7 (which everyone should, but we understand the impracticality *grin*), how are you going to know when KUR airs a special, last-minute program? Plus, KUR's social media is known for local breaking news and other community announcments. It's the reason why KUR won "Best Use of Social Media" at the Intercollegiate Broadcasting convention in 2014 and was an immediate finalist in the same category this year. "LIKE" the "Kutztown University Radio" Facebook page now and make sure to add us to your "Notifications" or at the very least, frequently "LIKE" or "SHARE" our posts so that Facebook keeps them coming to you. In addition, we're on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, as well! Just click on the little icons a little up and to the left of here and join those venues, as well!



As a part-15 station (see F.A.Q.'s for details), KUR is not required to maintain a public file. Wanting to operate as closely to a non-part-15 station as possible, however, we gladly maintain one. A radio station public file details what said radio station airs and does in the community interest, along with public input. You can access our, by clicking here

radio Services: Listen Live! Click here to stream KUR

How to listen to KUR

Use your TuneIn App and search for KUR

Any phone
Call (563)-999-3101.  Only charge is any data or voice charge through your service.  

Across campus at 1670 AM *

KU Information Channel (KUIC)
Listen on KU's television channel. Find out where KUIC can be found

Use the listen live link above

* KUR can also be heard in a handful of campus buildings at 88.3 FM. 

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