Routing proposals through the approval process

There are four different routes for proposals:

  • Path to approval for most courses and programs

    The standard path to approval for most course and program proposals is:

    1. Your Department
    2. Your College Curriculum Committee
    3. University Curriculum Committee
    4. University President
  • Path to approval for interdisciplinary courses and programs

    Interdisciplinary courses have compound prefixes, such as MAT/WGS 199.  This procedure is also followed for interdisciplinary programs, such as the Social Media Theory and Strategies major and minor.  The routing procedure for interdisciplinary proposals is:

    All programs or departments who are submitting the proposal

    All the College Curriculum Committees for the departments in Step 1 above

    University Curriculum Committee

    University President

  • Path to approval for Selected Topics courses, One-Time-Only courses, and the Distance Learning designation

    This shorter routing procedure is used for adding a new topic to the existing Selected Topics course number for your department.  Only existing courses may be proposed for the Distance Learning designation.  Finally, this is also the path for One-Time-Only courses.  

    The routing procedure for these courses is:

    1. Your Department
    2. University Curriculum Committee
    3. University President
  • Path to approval for the General Education designation

    Only existing courses can be approved for use in General Education.  If you are working with a new course, it must first go through the regular UCC process, and then come back through the process again for the General Education designation.  Since the General Education Committee is a subcommittee of the UCC, and UCC has previously voted to approve the course, if your proposal is approved by the GEC, the course will be announced at UCC, but will not need to be voted on a second time.

    The routing procedure for approval for a course to be used in General Education is:

    1. Your Department
    2. Your College Curriculum Committee
    3. General Education Committee
    4. University Curriculum Committee
    5. University President

    There is more information on the GEC web page and the GEC D2L page.

Link to the flowchart of the Curricular Routing Process