Writing Proposals - the Assessment Pieces

Assessment Related Policy and Procedures   

Effective Fall 2018, Revised Fall 2020

All new and revised courses, and all new and revised programs, that come to UCC are expected to include a short memo attached to each curricular proposal that addresses the following:   

  1. What data informed the decision-making to propose this new course or course revision?
  2.  A copy of the program-level curriculum map highlighting where this new course or revision fits into the map.
  3.  How does the new course or course revision fit into the program's assessment plan?  

More specifically for: 

  1. New programs, in addition to the required full descriptive rationale and check sheet, the program will be required to submit a curriculum map and an assessment grid (template) as prescribed by the Academic Assessment Council.  (See Documents in Table 3 of the UCC coversheet).   The college curriculum committee will be responsible for vetting this requirement before forwarding proposals to the UCC.
  2. Program revisions, only where the existing assessment plan is altered, have the same requirements apply as # 1 above.  Where changes to existing programs do not alter existing assessment plans, the above-listed items A, B, and C do not apply.
  3. New course proposals, the program will include a forwarding memo that must include the above-listed items A, B, and C to the college curriculum committees who will vet this requirement.
  4. Revision of existing courses, changes in any or all of the UCC course proposal items, the requirements remain the same as #3 above.
  5. Courses designed for the General Education program, the above-listed items A, B, and C do not apply.  

  UCC Cover Sheet (rev. 10/20)