Uploading UCC Proposals to SharePoint

The UCC maintains a Share point site for proposals.  Administrative assistants from the departments and college curriculum committees are usually tasked with uploading approved proposals to the Sharepoint site as proposals migrate through the approval process.  If you have trouble uploading, it may be a technical issue.  If you are having difficulties, please contact Brian Meares.

Submission of Proposals to UCC via the Sharepoint Drop-Off Library

Cover Sheet - Make sure the cover sheet is correctly filled out and appears as the first page of your document.

  • *Required: Title, ID number assigned by your college, all required signatures, and effective date.  Without these, your proposal cannot be added to the Agenda. 
  • Scan your document or convert it to a .pdf for uploading

Add Documents -

  • Click on Upload, and click browse in the pop-up box to navigate and locate your document.  Do not use the Submit Multiple Files link, upload each item individually.
  • The next box will allow you to edit the file name.  Files should be named with the ID number of the proposal when submitted to UCC.  The title is the name of the Program, or the Course Prefix, Number & Title.  Once a name is entered, please click the Submit button.

Please Note:  All fields need to be filled out in order for your proposal to be submitted.

  • Once submitted, a box will appear that says "Saved to final location".  Files are automatically sent to the Document Repository and will not appear in the Drop Off Library.
  • At this point, you may close the window, or add another document.
  • To check on your proposal immediately, please navigate to the Document Repository (linked under Libraries), and sort by the Modified By field (you should be able to find your name in the list).