Declaring a Major

All KU undergraduate students must declare a major prior to the completion of 60 credits.
Once you have talked with your Exploratory Studies advisor to be sure you meet all the
qualifications for your major of choice, you can contact the academic department in which you
would like to declare. Students are strongly encouraged to work with their current academic advisor and Career Development Center staff to clarify their education and career goals and declare their major.

  • Please click here for a list of majors offered at KU

  • Please click here for major checksheets and planners
Declaring a minor

Exploratory Studies students are eligible to declare a minor.  A minor is an academic program that is less comprehensive than a major and usually requires 18-21 credits to complete.   

  • Please click here for a list of minors offered at KU
  • Please click here for minor checksheets and planners
Procedure for declaring your major/minor

To declare a major or minor you must contact the academic department of your intended major/minor to complete an Undergraduate Curricular/Advisement Change Form.