Mission Statement

Exploratory Studies academic advisors at Kutztown University provide students with information about coursework, university policies and procedures, and career options and educational opportunities. The advisors and students participate in the decision-making process, to help students become lifelong learners, and encourage self-reliant problem solving through the exploration of students’ own interests and values. The mission of Exploratory Studies is to provide comprehensive services to all undeclared students as our advisors are dedicated to enhancing each student's academic and career aspirations. The department’s dedicated faculty advisors support and facilitate the undergraduate students' transition and integration into college by assisting them in the development of appropriate educational plans consistent with their academic, career, and personal goals. 

  • to provide a central location that promotes diversity and supports all academic enrichment programs at the university
  • to assist students in identifying the academic and personal issues that have hampered their success
  • to assist students in understanding their purpose in attaining a college degree and to provide the support services required to assist in the attainment of the degree
  • to establish an academically enriching environment for our students which creates a sense of community and personal attachment to the university