Human Resources & Social Equity


The Office of Human Resources is dedicated to supporting the mission of the University by providing quality service to our employees. You may contact us at the Office of Human Resources by visiting our website or visit us @ 15187 Kutztown Rd. Four designated visitor parking spaces are available in the parking lot behind the Human Resources Center. 

Social Equity

The Office of Social Equity serves Kutztown University by monitoring the recruitment and hiring of faculty and senior-level management employees to ensure the search and selection processes are equitable and legal; by compiling the university's annual Affirmative Action Plan in an effort to address the underutilization, if any, of qualified women and minorities within our workforce; by investigating certain complaints in order to protect the rights of individuals and to resolve conflicts on campus; and by facilitating and/or supporting events, training and education, which further the university's goals of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity. Discrimination on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status is prohibited. 

In addition to monitoring the university's compliance with Affirmative Action and Equal Employment/Education Opportunity laws and regulations, the Office of Social Equity enforces and provides training on various policies including, but not limited to, the anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, and sexual harassment policies adopted by the university. The aforementioned policies afford our workforce and students certain protections and rights, as well as equal access to all our university has to offer.