Policies and Procedures for Summer Conferences

Below you can find a basic summary of policies and procedures for overnight summer conferences and events taking place on Kutztown University’s Campus.  This does not include all policies and it does not replace the Hold Harmless Agreement and the Facility Use Agreement (Contract), which contains a detailed explanation of all policies and procedures.

  • Booking Process

    To obtain availability and pricing please fill out a Request for Proposal or contact the Coordinator of Conference Services at conferenceservices@kutztown.edu.  Please be sure to include the following details in your request:

    • Brief Description of your event and organization
    • Check-in and Check-out dates (1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices)
    • Meeting Room needs
    • Meal Plan and/or Catering Needs
    • Other event Details

    Once you have secured a Facility Use Agreement (contract) you will work directly with the Coordinator of Conference Services who will assist you during the planning process.

  • Deposits and Payments
    Deposit:  30% of Quoted Total Upon signing Facility Use Agreement
    2nd Payment:  20% of Quoted Total 60 days prior to event
    3rd Payment:  Balance 10 Business Days prior to event
    Balance of Final Invoice Within 30 days of receiving Final Invoice
  • Insurance

    All clients are required to secure a General Liability Insurance policy for a minimum limit of two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) per person and one Million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence.  Kutztown University must be listed as additionally insured on the above insurance requirements.

    For information on how to obtain this insurance policy please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you with resources.

  • Supervision

    Kutztown University is dedicated to the safety and welfare of minors on campus.  All events must adhere to the Protection of Minors Policy.  In accordance with this policy, the following procedures apply.

    Supervision of Conferees

    The recommended supervision ratios are as follows: 5 years and younger /1 staff per 5 campers (6 if day camp); 6-8 years/1 staff per 6 campers (8 if day camp); 9-14 years/1 staff per 8 campers (10 if day camp); 15-18 years/1 staff per 10 campers (12 if day camp).

     The Office of Conference and Event Services staff is not responsible for the supervision of conference guests, most importantly youth groups. The conference director is expected to provide an adequate number of counselors/chaperones or leaders to supervise the behavior of guests. If problems in this area occur, a member of the Conference and Event Services staff will discuss the problem with one of the conference leaders. The Conference and Event Services staff and other university representatives reserve the right to handle any problems which seem to present an immediate danger to an individual or the property of Kutztown University. In this case, the conference director will be informed of the problem and will be expected to take corrective action. The conference will also be charged for any destruction of property.  Conferees should be supervised at all times while on campus (residence halls, dining hall, gymnasiums, swimming pool, etc).

     Identification, Selection, and Screening of Authorized Adults or Program Staff

    Conference and Event Services Staff will confirm with the Program Director the following forms and have been completed:

    • Non-University or University Sponsored Event Approval Form
    • Certification Form
    • Facility Use Agreement 

     Provide Staff Training

    Program Directors are required to ensure that their staff receive training as required by the KU Protection of Minors Policy, on the topics listed below:

     Resource materials to assist with training on these and other related topics are available on this site in the Resources and Forms Section.

  • Meeting Space

    Room Scheduling

    Final meeting room needs must be received no later than 30 days prior to the date needed and are subject to availability.

     The booking start time is when the client, its staff, or any vendors need to access the room(s) for any event preparations.  Similarly, the booking end time is when the client its staff, or any vendors have already vacated the facility.  Clients must remove all signs, decorations, equipment and other items by the end of the scheduled move-out time.

  • Housing

    A residence hall is a facility designed for University students. It does not offer hotel accommodations and services, but you will find comfortable rooms in a pleasant environment.

     Room Blocks

    Room blocks are based upon the estimated attendance provided by the client at the time of requesting a contract.  The client may add or release rooms in the room block, subject to availability, at any point after signing the contract until the Housing Guarantee deadline.  Clients should inform the office of Conference and Event Services of any changes as soon as possible.

    Housing Guarantee

    The Housing Guarantee is due no later than 10 business days prior to the group’s check-in date.  Upon conclusion of the event, the University will charge the client based on the Guarantee or the actual attendance, whichever is higher.

     Room Assignments

     Clients will work with Conference and Event Services Staff on assigning guests to rooms.  After receipt of the Housing Guarantee, a blank rooming list will be provided for this purpose.  The final Romming List is due no later than 5 business days prior to check-in.  Please note:

    • Assignments must be gender-specific within rooms, suites, and apartments.
    • Adults may not share rooms, suites, or apartments with minors.
    • Exceptions to the above can be made in family situations and are subject to Kutztown University’s approval.

     Check-in & Check-out

    A member of the Kutztown University Conference Services staff will provide room keys to each guest as he/she arrives for the conference (note - usually the conference group registration will take place in a residence hall lobby. The Conference Services staff will work with conference representatives in assigning rooms if so desired). Upon check-out, conference guests must return room keys. The conference group will be held responsible for all keys not returned and charged accordingly. The charge for lost keys is $60.00 per key.

  • Dining

    Conference groups will be served at either the South Dining Hall or a previously arranged catered location.

    The KU Dining Service is responsible for writing menus for the cafeteria and special events. All meals will be served cafeteria style unless otherwise agreed upon.

    Meal Plan

    Meal plans are based upon the estimated attendance and meal schedule provided by the client at the time of requesting a contract.  The client may change the meal plan, subject to availability, at any point after signing the contract until the Meal Guarantee deadline.  Clients should inform the office of Conference and Event Services of any changes as soon as possible.

    Meal Guarantee

    The final Meal Guarantee numbers are due no later than 14 days prior to the group’s check-in date.  Conference groups are billed on the basis of the final guarantee number (required approximately two weeks prior to the start of their camp) or the ID meal card count of those dining, whichever is higher.

    Meal Scheduling

    Each group will be assigned a time frame for each meal in order to avoid long lines and provide expedited service.

  • Catering

    Outside caterers or food vendors are not allowed on Kutztown University property.  Requests can be made for special consideration but are subject to approval by the University.  Kutztown University provides on-site catering and dining facilities serviced by Aramark.

  • Technology

    Audiovisual (AV), video, and other technology requests are due no later than 10 business days prior to the event.  The University cannot guarantee services for late requests and late fees may apply.  In addition, cancelling scheduled services less than 10 business days prior to the event may result in late cancellation fees.

  • Parking

    All vehicles on campus must park in a white-lined space.  Please be sure to discuss parking options with Conference and Event Services Staff.

  • Disability Accommodations

    It is both the client’s and the University’s responsibility to provide facility accommodations for guests with a disability or medical condition.  It is imperative that the client inform the Coordinator of Conference Services if any guests or potential guests need such accommodations.

    In some cases, Conference and Event Services Staff may request additional information from the guest in order to determine appropriate measures.

    It is the client’s sole responsibility and expense to provide disability or medical accommodations pertaining to the program or content of the event.  If necessary, Conference and Event Services office may ask the client to contact the Office of Disability Services to provide further instruction on accommodating the guest.

  • Miscellaneous

    Candles and Fireworks

    The use of candles on Kutztown University property requires approval by the Health and Safety coordinator.  They are prohibited in all residence halls and most facilities.  Should the client wish to light candles, the client is responsible for securing the terms and agreements before the event date with the Coordinator of Conference Services.

    Smoking Policy

    All Kutztown University buildings, including residence halls, are designated smoke-free.  The use of smoking devices or equipment that includes but is not limited to electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), vaporizers, hookahs, and pipes are strictly prohibited within University Facilities.  Each building will have one entrance designated as an outdoor smoking area.  Smoking is not permitted with 25 feet of any window or main entrance to a residence hall or apartment.  


    Only service animals trained to assist the disabled are allowed in University Facilities.  Emotional Support Animals must be certified and documentation is to be provided before the Event.  All Service animals must be reported to the Office of Conference and Event Services, prior to the start of the event.