Internal Events Planning Guide

Below you can find a guide for Faculty and Staff with basic information on how to coordinate facilities and services on campus for internal events.  Large and complex events may require additional steps and/or approvals.

Event planning should begin at least four months prior to the date of the event. Planning for large events, conferences, or multi-space events should begin at least six months prior to the date of the event. The earlier you begin the planning process, the more successful your event will be. When planning events, please consider that some of your guests may be visiting the campus for the first time.

Room Scheduling

  • Date of Event

    Check if there is construction scheduled or other campus activities that will hinder the success of your event.

  • Reserve Room(s)

    Reserve your spaces in the EMS Room Reservation system

    • Can your event be reserved through the Pre-Registration Process?
    • Remember to leave time for set-up and tear down.
    • Is there something in the space the day before your event? Will this affect your ability to set-up and be ready for your event?
    • Remember to reserve a location for catering if necessary.
    • Check to make sure your reservation has been confirmed in Room Scheduler.
    • If something changes and you do not need the space, please remember to cancel the reservation by contacting the Office of Conference and Event Services.
  • Other Room requests

    The following locations are not currently on the EMS Reservation System

    • Residential Facilities Common Areas, conference rooms, study lounges, etc… – Please speak to the Office of Residence Life in order to reserve these spaces.
  • Set up and Strike

    Once your room reservation has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation through email with information if additional steps are needed in order to have the proper tables, chairs, etc… for the event.


Other Essentials to Consider