Preparing Grant Proposals

Please keep in mind the following procedures if you plan to seek external support for your research, training, or other scholarly projects.

All proposed projects that include the use of Kutztown University resources, such as faculty time, students, equipment, or facilities, must be reviewed and approved by the University prior to submission of the proposal. The Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects coordinates this review process for all projects involving research, training, service, or other scholarly activities supported by external sponsors.

Sponsored projects include research and other activities, such as training or service projects, which are financially supported by external funding sources. Although a Kutztown faculty or staff member must write the proposal and serve as the Project Director or Principal Investigator of the sponsored project, the sponsor actually makes the award to the University. When the University accepts the award it must abide by the sponsor's terms and conditions and deliver a specific project outcome, in keeping with the original proposal or approved revisions.  A sponsored project is different from a fellowship award which is made directly to an individual or a gift which is made to the University but generally does not include terms that specify how the funding is to be spent or administered.

To ensure that the University captures all of the information needed to review proposals to external sponsors without undue inconvenience to faculty and staff, the Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects has developed an online External Application Approval Form.  This online form and proposal must be submitted to the Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects at least five business days prior to the deadline.  If the form and proposal are not submitted on time, the proposal may not be submitted to the external sponsor.   

Please contact the Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects if you have any questions about filling out the form or the proposal submission process.

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