Tips for being a responsible host
  • NEVER serve someone under 21.
  • Always serve foods like cheese, bread, and starchy foods and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Do not force drinks onto guests or rush to refill an empty glass.
  • When serving an alcoholic punch, use a non-carbonated base, such as fruit juice.
  • Set a time for the party to end and stop serving drinks two hours before. Continue serving food and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Set an example by exercising responsibility.
  • Get help when the situation is beyond your control or when someone needs medical attention.
  • Discourage excessive drinking or serving alcohol to which you suspect may already be intoxicated.
  • NEVER encourage games or contests that encourage rapid and excessive consumption of alcohol (i.e. drinking games).
  • NEVER let guests drink and drive.
  • Reminder: Drinking at any age on campus is against university policy.