Amazon Fire TV

Problem: "My Amazon Fire TV/Stick won't connect to the internet"

Connecting your Amazon Fire TV to the wireless network:

If you're in Beck Hall, Berks Hall, Bonner Hall, Dixon Hall, GBV West, Honors Building, Johnson Hall, Lehigh Hall, Rothermel Hall or Schuylkill Hall...

  1. From the Fire TV's home screen, go to Settings
  2. Select System -> About -> Network
  3. Locate the MAC Address (Wi-Fi)
  4. Once you've located the MAC Address, log into the Self-Registration Portal and add your device 
  5. When setting up  your device, select "ResNet WiFi" from the list of available wireless networks

If you're in Deatrick Hall, GBV South or University Place...

  • Select "ResNet WiFi - Zone X" from the list of available wireless networks. (Registration isn't available in these residence halls.)