SGA Budget Process

SGA Budget Process
(Only available for gold status student organizations):

Four Easy Steps:

  1. In late September, SGA Gold Status Student Organizations that are registered with the Office for Student Involvement will receive their SGA Budget Packets for the NEXT academic year’s budget requests. SGA-Budget Packet can be picked up in the KUSSI Service Center, MSU 171. 
  2. In October, SGA Gold Status Student Organizations submit their completed Budget Packets to the KUSSI Service Center by the announced deadline. Standing Committees are required to attend a budget hearing with the SGB Budget Committee.
  3. In November, the preliminary Student Organization Budgets are posted in the KUSSI Service Center for all student organizations to review. Student organizations may schedule a meeting with the SGB Budget Committee to discuss any concerns regarding the preliminary budget allocations.
  4. In July, Student Organization Budgets are available for use for the new academic year. The final budget allocations are posted outside the KUSSI Service Center, MSU 171.

SGB Budget Hearings:

  • If, after a review of an organization’s submitted budget request, the SGB Budget Committee requires additional information, a member of the SGB Budget Committee will contact an officer of the organization requesting the information or to set up a meeting to discuss the request.
  • Budget hearings are required only for those organizations listed as “Standing Committees.”
  • Reminders will be given at the time of sign-up listing the date, time and location of the budget hearing.

Budget Information & Help:

  • Budgets are available to all “SGA Gold Status” student organizations and are provided to the organizations by the Student Government Association from the Student Activity Fee.
  • Spending from budget funding must be used for the benefit of all students, the campus community as a whole and for the operation of the “SGA Gold Status” student organization.
  • All “SGA Gold Status” student organizations receiving an SGA budget must keep their own financial records. These records are subject to review upon request of the SGB Treasurer, President, or Advisor.
  • Budget funding may not be used to:
    • Fund groups whose membership is not open to all students who have paid the undergraduate student activity fee
    • Fund religious or political activities, charitable contributions, gift purchases, or events which are not sponsored by  the University (Board of Governor Policy 1983-03A)
    • Pay for any goods or services that would violate Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
    • Purchase items of equipment costing $500 or more with a life of two (2) or more years, without special permission from SGB prior to the purchase being made.
    • Pay for admissions to amusement parks (unless attending the park is consistent with the organization’s mission and statement of purpose)
    • Pay for meals or food for members (including meals at a conference or workshop, on fieldtrips, food or refreshments at regular meetings where no special event is planned)
    • Front the cost of fundraising activities
    • Make loans to any other organization or club member
    • Reimburse individuals, students, faculty or staff for stolen, lost, or damaged personal property
    • Pay a student, faculty or staff member for any type of services rendered
    • Purchase clothing or items to be kept by club members
    • Purchase alcohol, tobacco products or any illegal substance
  • Final determination and approval of all budget expenses is made by the KUSSI Controller. All expenses must meet federal and state laws, along with institutional policies and procedures.
  • Account balance/activity available upon request. Please stop by the KUSSI Service Center, MSU 171.