MicroFridge Rentals

MicroFridge© units are perfect for any dorm room, or suite, and is equipped with a microwave, freezer, and refrigerator all in one attached unit. Microwaves are not permitted in the residence halls, other than the MicroFridge© unit, which is energy efficient. 

Roommates often chose to share a MicroFridge©, as students are only allowed to have one MicroFridge© unit per residence hall room.

Before you move in, your MicroFridge© will be delivered to your room so that you avoid the hassle of transporting your unit, and they will also pick up the MicroFridge© unit at the end of the year once you are moved out.

All MicroFridge© units must be purchased through the Campus Specialties website, or phone at 1-800-525-7307.

Microfridge advertisement with the product in the foreground and two women hugging in the background, with the text "move-in day just got a lot easier"