Off-Campus Student Rights and Responsibilities Statement

The Introduction to the Kutztown University Document on Student Rights and Welfare clearly states that reasonable guidelines are essential to facilitate the development of high standards of mutual respect and integrity within each student. Sensitivity to our environment as well as community involvement that extends beyond the physical campus boundaries are integral components to the development of responsible citizenship.

Kutztown University is genuinely committed to the student developing civic skills and public service experiences for living in a public world. To that end, Kutztown University will encourage the personal and intellectual development of students as they exercise rights of citizenship in the local community as well as on campus. Kutztown University will make every effort to foster positive relations among students and permanent residents as well as provide experiential learning opportunities for students to become actively involved in off-campus civic, community, social service organizations and causes.

From time to time, students may engage in activities that are contrary to the development of appropriate citizenship and in violation of law. Students who violate the law are subject to penalties imposed by civil authorities. The University will become involved with these students when the health, safety, and/or well-being of the Kutztown University community are adversely affected. Any substance abuse or the enticing of, or providing opportunity for others to engage in illicit substance use, theft, destruction or vandalism to the property of another, verbal or physical acts of violence toward another student will be considered to have an adverse effect on the Kutztown University community and such behavior will subject students to University discipline. Kutztown University will not exercise its authority to merely impose punishment or duplicate the function of civil authorities.

Students involved in other improprieties or violations of law may be contacted by the Dean of Students office and counseled to seek more positive behaviors in the future. Students unable to cooperate with this counsel may be subject to disciplinary action.