Commuter 101: Helpful Information for all Commuters

Balancing life, family, work, and community activities at the same time as pursuing an education can be a challenging experience. The best way to make commuting less frustrating is to be prepared!

Weather Related Delays & Closings

Occasionally severe weather, such as a snowstorm, requires a change in the university's operating schedule.
Before commuting to campus, get the facts on what's happening on campus. 

  • The university Website,, provides updated information on the university's operating schedule, canceled classes, weather delays, and/or school closings.
  • Severe Weather Hotline - 610-683-4649: The hotline is a recorded message with the latest information on the University's operating scheduled, weather delays, and/or closings.
  • Local News: Area news outlets also carry announcements on school closings and delays.
  • Canceled Classes: What if there is severe weather and the University does not close? When this happens contact your professors or their departments to find out if they will be coming to campus. A professor may choose to cancel class even if the University remains open.  Check with your professor to see if your class is canceled. Always remember that your personal safety is the first thing that counts - don't risk a trip if you feel unsafe.

Tips on Surviving the Commute to Campus

  • Leave early: You never know what the road ahead will set before you - bad weather, traffic jams, or no available parking spots.  Arriving early on campus allows commuters time to relax, prepare for class or check e-mail.
  • Have an alternate route(s): Use this route in case of road closings or heavy traffic.
  • Keep emergency supplies on hand: Jumper cables, a jack, a spare tire, first aid supplies, flashlight, cell phone, etc.
  • Get regular tune-ups.
  • Join an automobile club: A membership in auto clubs, such as AAA, can be a lifesaver when you break down, run out of gas, lock your keys in the car or get a flat.
  • Investigate alternative ways of transportation: Look into carpools, buses, or cabs to save on gas, maintenance costs, as well as prolong your vehicle's life.
  • Call your professors and/or on-campus jobs: Call if you are going to be late for class or work because of car problems or weather.