Garbage and Recycling

Kutztown Borough Garbage and Recycling schedule:

  • Your garbage must be at the collection point before 7 am. Place your cans out the night before so you do not miss the pickup.
  • Recycling gets picked up every other Wednesday.
  • Items collected at curbside will be newspapers, magazines, computer paper, and cardboard; aluminum cans, glass bottles, jars, plastic soda bottles, water and milk jugs and detergent bottles.
  • Recycling containers are available for pick-up by Kutztown residents at 105 Railroad St. between 7 am and 3:30 pm Mon.-Fri. 55-gallon drums are not acceptable recycling containers. Ask your landlord if there are containers for your use before getting new ones.
  • The containers are labeled. Do not mix your recycling or it will not be collected.
  • Aluminum- cans only.
  • Glass- rinse and separate by color into individual recycling buckets.
  • No mirrors, ceramic cups or plates, flower pots, crystal, light bulbs, window glass etc. Jars and bottles only!
  • Newspaper-bundle with string. Do not put in plastic bags.
  • Cardboard must be flattened.
  • Magazines-bundled with string.
  • Computer Paper-bundled separately with string.
  • Mixed Paper-junk mail, folders, unwaxed food packages, telephone books, school and office papers & clean pizza boxes. Remove any synthetic material (cellophane, staples, plastic, windows on envelopes, carbon paper). Flatten all food packaging, bundle separately with string.
  • Plastic-remove all caps. Plastic recyclables can be mixed and put in the container of your choice.

In the Borough of Kutztown, electricity can be obtained in the name of one person. Arrangements can be made online at http://www.bokutility.com/step1.html or at Borough Hall, 45 Railroad St. A deposit will be needed. The amount of the deposit varies. You can call Borough Hall for more information at 610-683-6131. If you live outside the Borough of Kutztown, contact GPU for electricity hookup at 1-800-545-7741 or the borough in which you reside.

Water and Sewage

Arrangements can be made online at http://www.bokutility.com/step1.html or at Borough Hall, 45 Railroad St. No deposit required. Outside the borough, you may have private wells and septic systems. Ask your landlord if in doubt.


Arrangements can be made online at http://www.bokutility.com/step1.html or U.G.I. Contact in Reading by calling 800-322-4431.


Provided by various privately-owned companies. Check the yellow pages and shop around.


For local and regional service call Verizon at 1-800-483-4000 Mon.-Fri. 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., or Hometown Utilicom, at 610-683-6131 Mon.-Fri. 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Both companies provide local service for the Kutztown Area. There is a basic monthly service increase with additional services. Bills are made payable by mail.

For long-distance service, check the telephone directory for other companies.

Cable TV & Internet Services

Contact the Borough of Kutztown for Hometown Utilicom at 610-683-6131 or Service Electric at 800-344-0347. Both Providers offer package deals on these services. Verizon can be contacted at 1-855-701-0160. DIRECTV packages can be found here: https://www.usdirect.com/packages.