Amnesty Information

Good Samaritan & Amnesty Information for AOD Incidents

When the time comes, help someone in need. During an AOD medical emergency it is hard to think straight:

  • Will my friend get in trouble? 
  • Will I get in trouble? 
  • She's OK. She just drank too much...She'll be fine if she just sleeps it off.
  • I'm an education major. I can't risk calling the police.
  • Is my friend going to be OK? 
  • My coach/parent/family/girlfriend is going to be so mad at me. 

While these concerns are understandable, not calling for help when someone you know is experiencing a medical emergency due to the use of alcohol or drugs is not the answer. In fact, not doing so could make things worse...a lot worse. This is why KU has established a policy to encourage students to come forward during these times without fear of "getting in trouble" with the school. Moreover, Pennsylvania has also recently passed a Good Samaritan Law for underage drinking for similar circumstances.  Why all the fuss about "Good Samaritan" policies and laws? The bottom line, the health, and well-being of a person is an overwhelming priority and nothing should deter a person from helping someone in need during a medical emergency.

  • Good Samaritan Policy for AOD Medical Emergencies

    The intent of this policy is to provide a general immunity from misconduct allegations for violations of the Kutztown University Student Code of Conduct if a student acts in an effort to seek assistance for themselves or another person. If a student proactively calls for assistance and stays with the person experiencing the medical emergency the student will not be charged with a Student Code of Conduct violation if they complete an AOD education program.

  • Sexual Misconduct & Intimate Partner Violence

    Under the Sexual/Gender Based Offenses Policy students are also eligible for amnesty from secondary conduct violations (e.g. alcohol violations) when reporting incidents of sexual or intimate partner violence. The primary concern in these cases is for victims to be empowered to report incidents of violence without fear of "getting in trouble" for lesser violations such as underage drinking. 

  • PA Underage Drinking Good Samaritan Law

    Pennsylvania recently passed a law grant immunity from prosecution for a person who seeks assistance from police, including campus police, under certain conditions if a person reports a medical emergency in good faith.  To learn more about this law click on the following:  PA Underage Drinking Good Samaritan Law