Alma Mater

Kutztown University's alma mater was written by Clyde Francis Lytle.  Lytle composed the lyrics to the tune of "The Church's One Foundation" a traditional hymn, which itself is typically set to the tune of "Aurelia" by Samual Sebastian Wesley.

Where stately trees are bending
Where nature's glories shine,
And loveliness unending
In beauty rare combine,
There rise the Kutztown towers,
And there the college stands,
The wellspring of our powers,
The shrine our love commands.
And we will ever love her
And live to spread her fame;
Our lives shall add new lustre
Unto her glorious name.
As guardians of her new day
Our work will ever be
To labor so that she may
Achieve her destiny.

– Clyde Francis Lytle

Kutztown University Alma Mater

Kutztown University's alma mater, as performed by member's of Kutztown University bands.