Strategic Plan

Reaffirmed Fall 2023

Kutztown University utilizes a "living document" practice for our strategic plan. This involves yearly discussion and revision to meet the needs and goals of our students and our region. 

Goal 1: Academic Excellence

Kutztown University will promote, enhance and sustain academic excellence, through creativity, scholarship, and innovative teaching and learning environments as we prepare students for a successful future and lifelong learning. In this effort, we will work to promote exceptional teaching through ongoing professional development, remain committed to ongoing improvements through regular and rigorous assessment, encourage faculty research and creative activity, and engage students in experiential learning across their academic career.

Goal 2: Student Success

Kutztown University will foster a culture that supports student success and well-being. In this work, we will attend to students’ academic, career, social, and emotional well-being needs. We will continue to work to improve retention and success of students, while ensuring that they are career-ready, and have opportunities to grow as individuals, as well as scholars.

Goal 3: Community and Civic Engagement

Kutztown University will partner with the community to serve the needs of the people of the commonwealth, the region, and the global community. These partnerships will include efforts to meet workforce needs in the region, supply opportunities for lifelong learning, and engage with alumni and the community through events and mutual service opportunities.

Goal 4: Caring Campus Community

Kutztown University will value and respect all campus constituents and embrace shared governance. We will continue to work toward a campus culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Our work will include increasing diversity of campus populations, supporting professional development related to DEI, encouraging assessment and accountability for DEI work, and engaging in ongoing shared governance.

Goal 5: Sustainability of Resources and Stewardship of Place

Kutztown University will maintain and enhance human, physical, and financial resources necessary to fulfill its mission. As we work to increase overall university enrollment, we will endeavor to maintain a balanced budget, attain fiscal sustainability, grow endowments, and seek opportunities to ensure the affordability of a KU education. We will maintain and enhance the campus through technological, capital, and environmental projects.

KU Faculty/Staff: to access the living strategic plan and planning documentation, visit the Sharepoint site. (KU login credentials required)