A Mandatory Internship meeting must be attended for those students planning an Internship.

The Department of Sport Management Internship Program is designed to enhance the student's formal academic education by providing an opportunity for the student to test skills and knowledge via exposure to the sport industry. This supervised experience provides an arena for the practical integration of knowledge learned in the classroom with the opportunity to acquire experience and knowledge in real world situations. Students benefit both personally and professionally from the expanded perspectives provided by the professional supervisor and the guidance of the faculty supervisor in evaluating this learning experience. Internships are required for graduation.

  • Internship Requirements

    Prerequisites for SPT 350:

    • Complete 90 credits by the beginning of the term in which the internship will occur
    • Complete SPT 330 (Event and Facility Management)
    • Have a GPA of 2.0 or better in your major
    • Have an overall GPA of 2.0 or better

    Hours to Complete:

    • 6 credits = 250 hours
    • 9 credits = 375 hours
    • 12 credits = 500 hours
    • No "Game Day Only" internships
  • General Instructions
    • Step 1: Attend a mandatory Internship meeting the semester before you plan on completing your internship
    • Step 2: Meet with your advisor and complete the Internship Eligibility Form (green form)
    • Step 3: Turn your Internship Eligibility Form in to Ms. Peter (OM 214) and receive the Internship Packet
      • Step 3a: Complete the Internship Request Form with Ms. Peter
    • Step 4: Complete the Internship in Sport Management Contract (ivory form)
    • Step 5: Turn in the following to Ms. Peter:
      • Internship in Sport Management Contract (ivory form)
      • Job Description (must be on company letterhead)
      • Current Resume (the Career Development Center has resume support)
  • Tuition and Fees

    Payment for SPT 350

    SPT 350 is a regular academic class which will incur charges based on the number of credits you choose. Please see your advisor for more information.

    For Summer Session Internships, per University policy:

    “Students registering for these special types of instruction must comply with the registration deadline date for the session in which they are taking the course. The deadline is Wednesday of Week 1 of either Summer Session. Once the course is properly submitted and added to the student’s schedule, a bill will be generated and mailed to the student for payment of tuition”.


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