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Coaching and Athletic Administration


Millions of youth participate in athletic programs each year, with more than three million coaches and other personnel required to organize and operate these activities. If you love sports, a minor in Coaching/Athletic Administration is a rewarding way to continue your affiliation with athletics and athletes.

The Coaching & Athletic Administration minor prepares students for work within sport programs at public and private schools, colleges, and universities. Students who successfully complete this program have the opportunity to receive two national certifications through the America Sport Education Program (ASEP): Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid. Students may also earn American Red Cross Certifications in CPR and First Aid through their required course work. The capstone experience, an internship, allows students to apply their knowledge and skills of coaching while working with a sports team under the supervision of a school district professional and a Kutztown University supervisor.

Kutztown University's Coaching Education Program is nationally accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE). Obtaining accreditation assures potential employers that students successfully graduating from this program have achieved a nationally recognized level of expertise in the field of coaching.

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The National Committee for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE) is the premier authority on coaching education in the United States. Operating as a program of the United States Center for Coaching Excellence, NCACE offers accreditation and national recognition to sport organizations and institutions responsible for the preparation of coaches at any and all levels of sport. Our rigorous review process ensures alignment with SHAPE America’s National Standards for Sport Coaches, and that coaches are trained to effectively meet the unique developmental needs of every athlete. Through forward-thinking leadership and our team of expert reviewers, NCACE is uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality, empirically-based guidance for the creation, implementation and evaluation of coaching education programs.

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