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Secondary Education, M.Ed.: Teaching with Initial Certification

Preparing educators with the tools to teach diverse classrooms.

The M.Ed in Secondary Education: Teaching with Initial Certification is a hybrid, social justice-oriented teacher preparation program with an emphasis on urban school contexts. The program is designed for individuals with undergraduate degrees interested in becoming teachers in U.S. public schools.

Teacher candidates progress through the program as a cohort of learners and teachers. This one-year, 36-credit program begins in the summer semester and ends in the spring. Coursework is completed over five semesters, including the winter semester. 15 credits are completed online, 15 in-person, and 6 through in-person clinical experience.

Now accepting applications for the Summer 2022 cohort.

  • Initial Teaching Certification

    Teacher candidates can earn initial teaching certification for grades 7-12 in the following content areas:

    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Sciences:
      • General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Earth & Space Science
    • Social Studies
    • German (grades PK-12)
    • Spanish (grades PK-12)
  • Danielson Framework for Teaching

    The program is guided by and employs the Danielson Framework for Teaching:

    • Planning & Preparation - Demonstrating knowledge of content & pedagogy
    • Classroom Environment – Demonstrating knowledge of students
    • Instruction – Designing curriculum and planning instruction
    • Professional Responsibilities – Reflection on teaching, maintaining records, communicating with families, participating in professional communities, growing & showing professionalism
  • Course Descriptions
    • EDU 526 - Data Driven Decision Making
      • With the current emphasis on accountability and data-driven instruction, this course will provide in-service teachers the opportunity to study an area of personal relevance to their classroom and school/institution. It will emphasize the critical role of assessment in the instructional process and the importance of using valid assessments to guide and influence instruction.
    • EDU 527 - Foundations of Urban Education
      • A course discussing urban schools in complex social, historical, and political constructs, especially how attempts to create, reform, eliminate, restructure and reassess urban schools reflect broader efforts to shape American society, in general.
    • EDU 532 - Education Exploration
      • This course will provide teacher candidates with an introduction to the complexities of today’s classrooms and education environment. Knowledge will be gained through observation and attendance at various education-related events and direct participation in classroom activities.
    • EDU 533 - Social Interpretations of Education
      • This course examines basic social concepts and institutions. Their development is traced and their effects upon educational policies and practices are investigated.
    • EDU 568 - Middle Level Curriculum & Instruction
      • This course explores the unique sociological and psychological aspects of the middle level learner and the implications of these aspects for teachers, counselors, and administrators in the organization of the middle school and in development of a responsive curriculum for middle level learners.
    • EDU 592 - Intensive Clinical Experience
      • A field assignment in a middle or high school setting will provide the clinical student teaching experience. Teacher candidates will teach under a mentor in the schools and meet weekly with their university supervisor in a fieldwork seminar.
    • SEU 410/420/430 - Content Area Methodology Course
      • This course will provide the pre-service middle and high school teachers with theories, methods, techniques, strategies, materials, technology, and assessment procedures in their respective concentrations.
    • SEU 535 - Classroom Management for the Inclusive Classroom
      • This course will prepare teachers to be educational leaders who effectively manage their classrooms. It will focus on taking a pro-active approach to create a positive learning environment for all students.
    • SEU 540 - Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking in a Standards Aligned System
      • This course will focus on the literacy needs of adolescent and young adult learners. Formal and informal techniques and strategies which promote information acquisition, expression, and critical thinking in content areas will be at the essence of this course. Students will learn reading and writing activities suitable to all content area course offerings.
    • SPU 500 - Cognitive Development of Diverse Learners in a Standards Aligned System
      • This course surveys the development and provision of special education services to individuals with disabilities in an inclusive environment. Additionally, the identification and characteristics of different types of disabilities will be discussed along with effective collaboration procedures and current classroom management procedures for pre-kindergarten to eighth grade students.
  • Clinical Experience

    Clinical experience takes place in the final spring semester of the program. Our teacher candidates will be assigned full-time placement in an urban secondary school within the Reading or Allentown school districts.

Admissions Requirements & Deadlines

Upcoming Open House Dates

Scheduled dates are forthcoming. 

How Can I Receive More Information?

Please review our FAQ page here. If you would like more information, please send inquiries to the department of Secondary Education at secondaryeducation@kutztown.edu. For questions regarding the application please contact the Graduate Admissions office at graduate@kutztown.edu. Questions regarding cost and tuition should be directed to the Office of Student Accounts at studentaccounts@kutztown.edu.