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Supervisory Certification: Curriculum and Instruction

Preparing specialists in curriculum and instruction.

Supervisory Certification is now a hiring requirement in many local school districts, specifically when a district seeks to add district coordinators, supervisors, and department heads to its staff. The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, one of KU's largest graduate programs in enrollment, is the degree that most closely aligns with the courses needed for the Supervisory Certificate. By carefully selecting courses, graduate students can earn the M.Ed. and the Supervisory Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction simultaneously. 

This program integrates course-work with an internship in the school setting.

For current Supervisory Certification students: Upon program completion, please use this linked checklist to complete the steps necessary to apply for and receive certification.

Program Requirements
  • 24 credit hours of coursework
    • Graduate Portfolio
    • 21 credits of core classwork (courses are pre-requisites to internship experience that encompass all four domains).
    • 3 credits of an internship
  • The Educational Leadership: Administration & Supervision (5412) test must be taken and passed as part of the successful completion of this program.

Teachers may complete coursework toward the supervisory certificate upon entering the program. However, they cannot complete the certificate until five years of successful teaching is documented in their area of certification. This requirement must be verified with a written notification on school letterhead by a chief school administrator.

Courses of Study-24 credits

Required Courses - 21 credits:

  • SEU 567: Curriculum in a Standard Aligned System
  • EDU 528: Student Diversity and Critical Pedagogy
  • EDU 568: Middle School Curriculum and Instruction
  • SEU 544: Action Research for Teacher Leaders
  • EDU 526: Data-Driven Decision Making
  • EDU 541: Supervision and Finance
  • EDU 562: School Law

Required Capstone Course - 3 credits:

  • EDU 590: Internship in Supervision
    • The student will be assigned to an environment that provides the professional experiences related to the student's field of academic interest and study. Under the supervision of a school district administrator with coordination by a graduate faculty member in the Department of Secondary Education, the student will be exposed to the major task areas of policy determination, program development, curriculum design, and instructional supervision.

Courses are taught both on campus and online.

Admissions Requirements & Deadlines:
  • Requirements:
    • Application: apply here
    • Official transcripts from all previous colleges or universities
    • Teaching Certification
  • Deadlines:
    • Fall semester: August 1st
    • Spring semester: December 1st
    • Summer sessions: May 1st
How Can I Receive More Information?

If you would like more information on the Supervisory Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction, please request information via the Office of Graduate Admissions or email program coordinator Dr. George Sirrakos at sirrakos@kutztown.edu.


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