Language Placement Assessment

Earn up to nine credits
    Important Details

    The language placement assessment serves as a diagnostic tool to help Modern Language Studies faculty recommend the most appropriate level course for students

    • All students must complete this assessment before enrolling in their first KU language course, since placement at the appropriate level is essential to succeed in the study of the language
    • The assessment can be accessed online and takes only about 20 minutes to complete
    • Students who place into level 102 or higher, and then complete the appropriate course at KU with a grade of C or better will receive additional credits for courses in the same language at the lower levels, up to a maximum of 9 additional credits
    • Students who do not take the placement test before taking their first KU language course are not eligible for additional credits
    • Students are only eligible for additional credits if they earn a C or better on their first attempt at their first language course. Additional credits may not be earned for repeated courses or subsequent courses at a different level
    • Credits will not appear on the student’s transcript until the semester following successful completion of the course.

    • Step 1: Read the policy on this page (above)
    • Step 2: Click here to complete the assessment
    • Step 3: Create an account using your email address and a password
    • Step 4: Don't forget to write down your password 

    Before beginning the assessment, students must complete an online questionnaire regarding previous language experience. A qualified advisor from the Department of Modern language Studies will use the answers to the questionnaire as an aid in determining an appropriate placement. Students who wish to schedule an appointment with an advisor from Modern language Studies, please call the department at 610-683-4427.

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