Dr. Tom Betts

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Recent Research Projects
Shimadzu LC-8030 liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer

Liquid Chromatograph with a Tandem Mass Spectrometer Detector

Detection of Pesticides in Bat Guano

Working with a bat biologist we undertook a project to attempt to screen for approximately 25 different herbicides and insecticides in bat guano. Samples were collected primarily from southeastern PA, and one was from Indiana. There were a handful of herbicides that were detected at trace concentration levels (nanograms per gram) in guano. 

Fast IBU Determination using HPLC-MS/MS

The discriminating power of tandem mass spectrometry is being used to assess bitterness (IBU - International Bitterness Units) of hop-based products. We are assessing methods in which we sacrifice chromatographic resolution for the sake of speed, and whether these sacrifices still result in an accurate method.

LC-MS/MS chromatogram of iso-alpha acids

LC-MS/MS chromatogram of iso-alpha acids

Beekeeper dressed in full protective gear

Determination of Dinotefuran in Bees, Wax and Honey

Dinotefuran is a neonicotinoid pesticide being used to combat spotted lanternfly. This collaborative project focused on determining whether dinotefuran is being transferred to honey bees and their hives. We used the power of liquid chromatography with tandem mass spec detection to answer this question. The results of this study are slated to be published in the Journal of Economic Biology.

Outgassing from the muds of Lake Powell near Hite, Utah

Panoramic view of mud gas sampling site; a large field with tall, flat cliffsides in the background

View from the sampling site

During this collaboration with geologists, we set out to analyze gas effusing from mud near the Colorado River before it reached Lake Powell. Samples were collected from mud volcanoes, water-filled craters, and pockmarks where gas was actively being released. Gas chromatography was used to quantify the methane, carbon dioxide and air that composed these samples. Understanding the composition of gases can lead to models of gas evolution and flow.   

Mud Volcano

First sampling site

Water-Filled Crater

One of the less active sites

Another crater

Another sampling site

More gas collected for analysis


* represents undergraduate coauthor

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* indicates undergraduate coauthor

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