Shawna Bean

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN 
Bachelors Communications and Media Studies — Indiana U. 

“I LOVE being surrounded by music!”

Shawna Bean

What is your connection to the arts?

From an early age, Shawna has been involved in the arts; singing for her church, high school, and college choirs, performing a variety of musical styles as a live performer and recording artist.

Why did you choose KU’s Arts Administration program?

“I chose Kutztown because I saw something special about this program that I did not see anywhere else. The staff was willing and eager to explain the program and I was so impressed by their knowledge and compassion, I had no choice but to apply!” 

What do you hope to get out of the program?

Shawna hopes to continue to be a part of the arts on a professional level; a field which brings opportunities to people around the world.

Fun Fact! 
Shawna is new to the Philly area and has enjoyed discovering the city’s art life.

Which course are you most excited to take?

Ethical and Legal Issues in the Arts. “I believe it is important to understand all aspects of the field and am enjoying the material in our Ethics course.” 

What is your favorite local arts/cultural hotspot?

Philadelphia Museum of Art