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Updated Feb. 10, 2017 - The information contained within this website will be changing with the launch of the new brand guidelines.

Kutztown University's school colors are maroon and gold. Using these colors is a vital part of the university's visual identity.  It is important to use these colors, and use them correctly, wherever possible. Kutztown's specific colors, using the Pantone® Matching System (PMS), are KU Maroon - PMS 195 and Metallic Gold - PMS 871.

To ensure the official colors are displayed correctly regardless of medium, use the color formulas below.  Most graphic design programs, such as Adobe® Photoshop®, InDesign® or Illustrator®, allow users to set color values for CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), RGB (Red, Green, Blue) or Hex (for web).  Choosing the correct values below will guarantee the closest match to KU's official colors.

Primary Colors

Primary colors are to be used in all materials, wherever possible.  Maroon - PMS 195Metallic Gold - PMS 871, shown below, is a close replication of what Metallic Gold PMS 871 looks like.  It cannot be truly viewed electronically.  As such, no CMYK, RGB or Hex equivalents are listed.

Maroon - PMS 195

Metallic Gold - PMS 871

C: 19
M: 90
Y: 50
K: 55
R: 120
G: 47
B: 64

Alternate Primary Colors - for printed materials and merchandise

Alternate primary colors are provided for instances when the primary colors cannot be used.  Mostly, when Metallic Gold PMS 871 is unavailable.  When metallic ink is not used, please use Print Gold - PMS 4515.  When producing merchandise, use Spirit Gold - PMS 123 as the option for a gold color.

Print Gold - PMS 4515

Spirit Gold - PMS 123

C: 0 
M: 9
Y: 50
K: 24
R: 203 
G: 182
B: 119
C: 0
M: 22
Y: 92
K: 0
R: 255
G: 200
B: 44

Alternate Primary Color - for Web

Because Metallic Gold - PMS 871 cannot be replicated on webpages, use this option. 

KU Web Gold

C: 36
M: 36
Y: 59
K: 4
R: 164
G: 148
B: 115

Secondary Color Palatte

KU's official website employs a secondary color palatte to complement the primary colors.  They may be used in addition to the primary colors.

C:41 M:84 Y:60 K:41
R:107 G:47 B:59
C:48 M:78 Y:60 K:52
R:85 G:45 B:52
C:39 M:90 Y:82 K:62
R:81 G:21 B:20
C:22 M:81 Y:91 K:12
R:179 G:75 B:39
C:14 M:11 Y:28 K:0
R:219 G:214 B:187
C:18 M:23 W:47 K:0
R:211 G:189 B:145
C:24 M:24 Y:52 K:0
R:197 G:181 B:136
C:37 M:37 Y:59 K:4
R:163 G:147 B:114
C:30 M:29 Y:67 K:1
R:183 G:167 B:109