Achievement Initiative for Male Success Program

Kutztown University is committed to helping male students to reach their full potential. In the fall of 2017 a new initiative known as the Achievement Initiative for Male Success Program (A.I.M.S.) was introduced to the Kutztown community.

The focus of the A.I.M.S. program is the academic and social advancement of male students at Kutztown University. It is KU’s hope to improve the support network of male students on and off campus. The university hopes that by improving the male experience through the development of their academic, personal, and social skills, this will lead to higher retention and graduation rates for our male students.

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Mission: Through AIMS, we seek to provide every male student at Kutztown University a safe, supportive, and engaging support system so they can continue their education and graduate from Kutztown University.

Vision: To graduate every AIMS participant in four years from Kutztown University so they can live and lead a productive and fulfilling life after college.

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