Consultations and Meeting Requests

In AIMS we believe in helping every Brother who reaches out to us. As males of all ages, background, and lived experiences, it is important to have a confident, friend, peer, and or support person(s) to help us process life choices and circumstances. We offer free help to every AIMS Brother; but you must take the first step in letting us know you need help. We stand ready in AIMS to offer resources and support in the following areas:

  • Academic challenges
  • Personal problems and challenges*
  • Time management
  • Dating issues
  • Self-Care
  • Financial Management
  • Career Development (including Graduate school exploration)
  • Emergency Support
  • Employment Opportunities

*The AIMS staff does not provide personal counseling and or therapy. However, we will assist with referral to appropriate resources that may help you get the help most appropriate for your situation.

  • Want to Build an AIMS Program?

    We firmly believe that AIMS will serve as the catalyst for male student support, development, and success in higher education. Our intentional program design undergoes constant refinement to adjust to changing demographics, external environments, and most importantly, the needs of program participants.

    If you are interested in learning more about how AIMS works at Kutztown University, and how you might be able to build a program at your campus and or organization, please contact our program coordinators, Dr. Donavan McCargo or Dr. James Jackson, at for a free consultation.

  • AIMS Informational Session?

    The Achievement Initiative for Male Success (AIMS) is dedicated to helping every Kutztown University (KU) male student succeed. If you’re a current KU student, faculty, or staff, and interested in learning more about AIMS, contact for either a professional presentation (30-45 minutes) or an informal overview (15-20 minutes).

  • How to help male students succeed at PWI (Predominantly White Institutions)?

    The literature is replete with evidence of the fact that attending college can be a difficult transition for any student and that each student may face different types struggles on their path toward earning a college degree/credential. Students of color and male students at some PWIs tend to lag other comparable groups with regards to college completion and retention. We believe in AIMS that there are core principles and ideas that help to aid in male student success and degree completion. Our framework is based on the idea that developing a genuine-supportive relationship with Brothers is the conduit to establishing in Brothers a sense of belonging and helps to build overall resilience. 

    Dr. Donavan D. McCargo Coordinator & Dr. James Jackson, Program Coordinator