AIMS Staff Information

  • Mr. Bilal Salaam, AIMS Program Coordinator, Athletics DEI Officer
  • Dr. James Jackson, AIMS Program Advisor, Associate Professor, Psychology*
  • Mr. Jerry Schearer, AIMS Program Advisor, Interim Assistant Vice President & Dean of Students
  • Dr. Keith Massie, AIMS Program Advisor, Associate Professor, Communication Studies
  • Mr. Laquon Drago, AIMS Blue Family Chair, Undergraduate Staff
  • Mr. Jordan Tarlton, AIMS Green Family Chair, Undergraduate Staff
  • Mr. Shavon Smith, AIMS Orange Family Chair, Undergraduate Staff
  • Mr. Elias Shetayh, AIMS Red Family Chair, Undergraduate Staff
  • Ms. Caecilia Holt, Administrative Assistance

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Founding Personnel & Contributors

  • Dr. Warren Hilton, former Vice President, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs*
  • Dr. Donavan D. McCargo, former Assistant Vice President & Dean of Students*
  • Dr. Anne Zayaitz, Provost & Vice President, Academic Affairs (retired)*
  • Mr. Bernard McCree, Director, Financial Aid*
  • Kutztown University Office of Institutional Research
  • Dr. Kenneth Hawkinson, University President

Alumni Advisory (former Family Chairs & Graduate Assistants)

  • Mr. Clyde Killebrew, IV, former Chair*
  • Mr. Aaron Pride, former Chair
  • Mr. Lloyd Smith, former Chair*
  • Mr. Ethan Hassick, former Chair*
  • Mr. DeSean Longino, former Chair*
  • Mr. Angel Lebron, former Chair*
  • Mr. Cameron Lynch, former Chair*
  • Mr. Khalid Guiden, former Chair*
  • Mr. Christopher Scarmack, former Chair
  • Mr. Christopher Bard, former Graduate Assistant
  • Mr. Ismail Ebo, former Graduate Assistant

*AIMS would not be possible without the contributions of key individuals who helped to build the foundation for the AIMS Program at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.